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Timberix acoustic panel installation by AntiCAD and Wolf Studio

Dezeen Showroom: AntiCAD and Wolf Studio have created an installation from 816 faceted Timberix acoustic panels that can be used across the walls of interiors.

The installation is made up of 816 acoustic panels from Timberix, with the aim of reducing noise while creating a stylish and sculptural display.

Each panel is engraved with an alphanumeric label that is intended to ensure the product is easy to arrange and correctly install.

Image of the timberix panels across a window
Timberix panels were used to create an installation

To create the installation the Timberix panels were clad in faceted panels over a waffle structure, made of fire-resistant MDF, which serves as a base to mount the panels.

"Once the faceted base structure for the pillars and ceiling is ready, corresponding laser-cut wood laminates are installed onto the base structure," said Timberix.

Detail image of the panels
Each of the panels has a unique design

"The end product is a homogenous cladding, that combines the ceiling and pillars into one faceted unified form," the brand said.

Its construction was made possible as a result of Design for Manufacturing and Assembly methods.

Product: Timberix
Designer: Wolf Studio and AntiCAD
Brand: Timberix
Contact: [email protected]

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