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Visualisation of various futuristic furniture pieces on a white backdrop

Hongik University spotlights 10 industrial design student projects

Dezeen School Shows: a pair of glasses that use augmented reality to enhance the audiovisual experience of Broadway shows and sentient stools that have "personalities" are included in Dezeen's latest school show by students at Hongik University.

Also featured is a new type of aerial vehicle and a pair of high-tech "birds" that are designed to promote healthy communication in relationships.

Hongik University

Institution: Hongik University
Course: BA Industrial Design
Tutors: Keun Lee, Jung Kyo Lee, Ik Seo Choi, Sook Yeon Kim, Tate Eunyoung Kim, Jun Hyuck Eoh, Kang Hyun Lee and Myun Kim

School statement:

"Hongik University's Industrial Design students' online degree show provides insight into the bright future of product, mobility and spatial design.

"The degree show of 2022 goes with the theme of 'Inter-', which emphasises the integration between things: objects of space and events in time, interhuman relationships, experiences, structure and strategy.

"We redefined the word 'inter' in the context of the design world where all objects are intertwined and all things are interrelated with each other, in a world where the branching action of protocol propositions and the recursive action of algorithms intersect.

"The ten representative design projects out of total 79 senior design projects this year show the future of technology through smart cities, self-driving vehicles, the metaverse, NFTs, the internet and big data that all demonstrate fascinating design concepts based on Korean core-competency in technology and culture."

Photograph of two people holding blue and pink duck-like objects

Haero by Sohee Chung and Minjae Kwon

"Haero is designed to help couples have a happy marriage. This design is inspired by the Korean marriage tradition of gifting newly wedded couples a pair of wooden lovebirds.

"Couples can rotate the head of a lovebird to turn away from one another to express when they are upset. The device uses various communicating tools to help couples honestly express and understand each other's feelings.

"Haero can be utilised for better communication and combines traditional objects and modern technology."

Students: Sohee Chung and Minjae Kwon
Emails: chsohee99[at] and minje144[at]
Kang Hyun Lee

Visualisation of helicopter-type vehicle

Linker by Joowon Lee

"Linker is an Urban Air Mobility vehicle that offers a new experience optimised for passengers, including wide sky views through its extended window, seats catering to passenger types and embedded systems.

"Experience the connection between city to city, ground to sky, and people to people."

Student: Joowon Lee
Email: juwon910[at]
Keun Lee and Jun Hyuck Eoh

Visualisation of building with archways in sandy environment

Life of Kinfolk by Nayoung Kim

"Life of Kinfolk is a participatory service space of Kinfolk, designed by utilising AR and offline space in order to overcome the slump in the printing industry so that the readers can take pleasure in experiencing the magazine in three dimensions.

"People can visit the Kinfolk village as 'explorers' to experience Kinfolk lifestyle that pursues sharing, eco-friendly attitudes.

"The empty space becomes filled with AR contents suited to an explorer's preferences based on their lifestyle."

Student: Nayoung Kim
Email: pink5804[at]
Jung Kyo Lee

Visualisation of stage setting with futuristic characters

GROOVIT by Dohee Kim, Haein Yoo and Jaehyeon Lee

"GROOVIT is a metaverse platform that focuses on music and crosses reality with virtual reality.

"Through our service, artists can expand their working space and connect with each other to communicate freely.

"In other words, artists can collaborate with other artists without time and space constraints.

"Especially in mixed reality, artists can collaborate with crew members anytime, anywhere.

"In VR space, they can perform freely, recruit crew members and collaborate."

Students: Dohee Kim, Haein Yoo and Jaehyeon Lee
Emails: doh1105[at], henny1077[at] and ok4704[at]
Sook Yeon Kim

Photograph of person wearing goggles in a dark space

René by Jaeyoung Cho, Nankyung Han and Jimin Seol

"René is a pair of glasses that uses AR to enhance the audiovisual experience of Broadway shows.

"René can be rented and returned at the Broadway ticket office, and aims to maximise the audience's experience of the show through AR guidance, easy theatre check-in, enhancement of visual stage effects, and interaction with performers.

"AR glasses are provided with a soft case when renting, and unique straps designs corresponding to the show you watch can be kept as a souvenir."

Students: Jaeyoung Cho, Nankyung Han and Jimin Seol
Emails: nankyung99[at], jm_59[at] and whwodud28[at]
Tate Eunyoung Kim

Visualisation of glowing pavilion at night

CREVICE by Seunglok Yoo

"CREVICE is about the interlinked relationship between nature, humanity and mobility. In modern society, the value of nature is becoming priceless.

"As a result, people are expanding their life-scale by making more contact with nature without setting boundaries between cities and nature.

"Through using CREVICE, people can seamlessly interact with one another to create a unified ecosystem."

Student: Seunglok Yoo
Email: rok981221[at]
Keun Lee and Jun Hyuck Eoh

Visualisation of cartoon-like figures in a street

ILDA by Jisun Yu and Sewon Park

"ILDA is an AR service that helps people express their opinions freely and support social issue via AR characters that speak. Using the ILDA app, users can create a virtual character that represents themselves on a site to occupy the spot.

"Users can choose the character's appearance, clothes and props."

Students: Jisun Yu and Sewon Park
Emails: sianb2[at] and qkrtpdnjs77[at]
Sook Yeon Kim

Visualisation of futuristic street scene

Shinmyo by Hyunmyung Kim and Sunmin Cho

"Shinmyo is a multi-dimensional metaverse that shows users Korean traditional culture by becoming avatars of 'Dokkaebi', a goblin from Korean folklore.

"By becoming a Dokkaebi, users experience reviving space from the flames of creative ideas about tradition. Ideas commercializsed in the Metaverse sometimes appear as an actual pop-up store while taking off the invisible hat called 'Dokkaebi Gamtoo'."

Students: Hyunmyung Kim and Sunmin Cho
Emails: raccoontang[at] and essemcho[at]
Ik Seo Choi and Myun Kim

Photograph of hand-held pixel device showing cat face and stacked cubes in the background

APOC by Saemie Kwon and Jaeyoung Cho

"APOC – A Piece Of Collection – is a modular system for your own NFT collection. NFTs can be put in a digital display and magnetically attached to a charging cube to show the contents volumetrically.

"For a more sensory experience, speaker and lighting cube modules can be added that show different effects by their contents.

"These cube modules can be attached to four types of holders – stand, tabletop, ceiling and handle.

"It enables NFTs to be freely placed in interior spaces, and allows users to feel more physically in possession of their NFTs."

Students: Saemie Kwon and Jaeyoung Cho
Emails: saemi7767[at] and whwodud28[at]
Tate Eunyoung Kim

Visualisation of various futuristic furniture pieces on a white backdrop

Stoto by Hoon Choi and Hyemin Jin

"Stoto is a stool brand that ignited the revolution of sentient products. In 2045, regardless of massive technological innovations in products, humanity was blindly selecting products only at the top of the affection pyramid – however, the paradigm soon drastically changed.

"The relationship between products and humans has become equal. Each stool of Stoto has a different personality and preference, and can only be obtained by the stool selecting the human."

Students: Hoon Choi and Hyemin Jin
Emails: bomgamza21[at] and wdswdspott[at]
Kang Hyun Lee

Partnership content

This school show is a partnership between Dezeen and Hongik University.. Find out more about Dezeen partnership content here.