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Christmas tree by Nendo for Tokyo Midtown

Dezeen Debate features Nendo's "refined" kinetic Christmas tree

The latest edition of our weekly Dezeen Debate newsletter features a kinetic Christmas tree by Japanese design studio NendoSubscribe to Dezeen Debate now.

Design studio Nendo has designed a gold-coloured Christmas tree in Roppongi, Tokyo. Located in the Midtown shopping centre, the tree is 7.5 metres high and features kinetic cutouts that create a rhythmic pattern that moves up and down the conical installation.

Golden Christmas tree in Tokyo shopping centre
Nendo designs polyhedral Christmas tree with flickering star-shaped cutouts

"The theme glitter in the air translates to creating the uplifting and shimmering atmosphere, the very essence of Christmas, by literally generating 'glitters' by 'air'," Nendo said of the decorative ornaments.

Readers were split over the design, one admired the studio's "beautiful and refined" design whereas another thought it lacked "tradition".

Exterior of Phase 2 of Park Hill estate in Sheffield
Mikhail Riches has completed Phase 2 of the Park Hill redevelopment

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