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Blue Archisonic panels living the wall of a meeting room by Impact Acoustic

Archisonic acoustic material by Impact Acoustic

Dezeen Showroom: Swiss brand Impact Acoustic has added four colours to its Archisonic collection of sound-absorbing material, which is made from recycled plastic bottles.

The Archisonic collection has expanded with the launch of colours Linen, Jute, Honeycomb and Deep Sea to now include a total of 32 colour options.

Yellow Archisonic wall panels by Impact Acoustic used as room dividers in an office
The acoustic material can be used as a sound-absorbing room divider

Linen and Jute are two neutral tones designed to add warmth to interiors, while Honeycomb has a gold hue intended to make a statement.

Impact Acoustic created the muted Deep Sea colour to be calming and timeless, and described it as the "perfect ambient blue".

Archisonic material by Impact Acoustic
Archisonic is available in 32 colours, including the recently added Linen, Deep Sea, Jute and Honeycomb colours

According to the brand, 88 recycled PET bottles were used to make one square metre of Archisonic material.

Available in two thicknesses, Archisonic can be applied to ceilings and walls or used as wall partitions to absorb sound and improve acoustic performance in interiors.

Product: Archisonic
Brand: Impact Acoustic
Contact: [email protected]

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