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Exterior of arched North Xingge Jinze building

Aedas designs arched skyscraper in Zhuhai to resemble local "auspicious stones"

Rock formations along the Zhuhai coast inspired architecture studio Aedas' design of the North Xingge Jinze skyscraper, which comprises two connected towers and has a cut-out sky garden.

The 150-metre-high skyscraper will be located in Zhuhai in China's Pearl River Delta, close to Macau and Hong Kong, in a neighbourhood that's currently changing from an old industrial zone to becoming more high-tech.

"Xingge Jinze Building marks a new chapter in the urban renewal of the Xiangzhou North Industrial Zone, a move that deepens the intersections between architecture, community and urbanism," Aedas executive director Kelvin Hu said.

"It acts as a powerhouse that accelerates nearby urban redevelopment."

The North Xingge Jinze building in Zhuhai
The skyscraper will be located in a former industrial area in Zhuhai

Aedas drew on local rock formations called "auspicious stones" when designing the sculptural skyscraper, modelling its body after stacked rocks.

Its corners were rounded to give the 35-storey office building a more streamlined silhouette.

The core of the main North Xingge Jinze building was hollowed out to "encourage wind circulation," the studio said, while a cut-out on one side will hold a sky garden.

Arched Aedas skyscraper in Zhuhai cityscape
Its arched shape was informed by sculptural rock formations

By hollowing out the centre of the main building, Aedas aimed to create a facade that would produce a "dynamic visual experience" when seen from different angles.

"Xingge Jinze Building encapsulates Xiangzhou's latest regional transformation," Hu said. "It showcases a rejuvenated Zhuhai and will become the city's new landmark, characterized by innovation and greener emissions."

The building will contain a variety of office spaces, while a smaller tower alongside the arched form will contain additional office space.

The skyscraper's core compartment will be located in a smaller tower next to the main skyscraper, while elevators to the upper floors can be found in the centre of the skyscraper.

Aedas has created a number of high-profile projects in China and recently unveiled the "most twisted tower in the world" in Chongqing. It is also designing a Beijing civic centre with an undulating, curved roof garden.

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