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Cream Rühe seating by Allseating

Rühe seating by Mike Shields for Allseating

Dezeen Showroom: Canadian furniture company Allseating and industrial designer Mike Shields have collaborated to create a seating collection that adds a "home-like" feel to workplace and corporate settings.

Rühe – named after the German word for rest – is a seating range that contains different sizes of chairs and sofas for use across public interiors.

Each piece was designed to have enhanced ergonomic and hygienic properties.

Orange Rühe sofa seat by Allseating
Rühe seating was designed to be easy to clean

The chairs and sofas in the collection are made from slim, lightweight steel frames that feature gently curved armrests.

"Thoughtfully crafted to evoke a home-like feel that is calming and comforting, Rühe's carefully selected design elements promote health, wellness, and cleanability, all while offering superior durability and support for all users," said Allseating.

"The shape of Rühe's arms was designed to mimic the gesture of welcoming arms that humans make in social situations and acts as a warm invitation for users to relax and take a seat."

Orange Rühe seating by Allseating
The furniture pieces have gently curved armrests

Available in a range of frame finishes and upholstery, the seats have channels between cushions that allow users to remove debris easily.

The collection also includes tables and optional power modules for AC or USB charging.

Product: Rühe
Designer: Mike Shields
Brand: Allseating
Contact: [email protected]

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