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Licking Rocks tea set by Simiaen

Licking Rocks tea set by Julia Schwarz for Simiæn

Dezeen Showroom: Austrian designer Julia Schwarz has released a range of drinkware for her homeware brand Simiæn, which is designed to be used while drinking lichen tea.

The Licking Rocks tea set includes teacups, espresso cups and accessories made from Pannonia Green stone sourced from Austria.

Licking Rocks tea set by Simiaen
Cups are made from offcuts of natural stone

The set is intended to be used for drinking Simiæn's lichen tea blend, created in collaboration with Saint Charles Apothecary, which the brand describes as a readily available yet underused superfood.

Schwarz engineered a process that mills offcuts of Pannonia Green – a type of natural stone quarried in Austria – in a resource-efficient way.

Licking Rocks tea set by Simiaen
The collection includes tea and coffee cups

The Licking Rocks teacups reference the appearance of Roman wine glasses, with a two-part design made up of a tubular stem topped by a hollow cylindrical vessel. This vessel can be placed atop the stem or into a snugly-fitting flat base.

The collection also includes an espresso cup with a smaller form and thick base, a spoon rest, a tea strainer and a jug with a complementary base.

Product: Licking Rocks
Designer: Julia Schwarz
Brand: Simiæn
Contact: [email protected]

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