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Red pendant light on blue backdrop

Zero Lighting expands Compose collection with four lights by Jens Fager

Dezeen Showroom: lighting brand Zero Lighting has collaborated with designer Jens Fager to add a variety of sizes and formats to the existing Compose lighting collection.

Compose now consists of a floor lamp, table lamp, wall mounted light fixture and a larger version of the original metal shade, alongside a previously released rail lighting system.

Black floor lamp on blue and grey backdrop
Compose is available in a range of formats for a variety of uses

Shades have a cylindrical body that are available in either a wider, splayed shape or with a tighter, conical form.

The floor, table and wall lamps all share the same round base, echoing the form of the shade.

Red wall lamp on red wall
Lighting comes in neutral and bright colourways

"The aim is to offer a fixture that is more like a tool, or an instrument, from which the most beautiful music can be composed," said Jens Fager.

All lamps in the collection are available in a range of colour finishes including black, white, red and yellow.

Product: Compose
Designer: Jens Fager
Brand: Zero Lighting
Contact: [email protected]

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White floor lamp on blue and grey backdrop
White table lamp on blue and grey backdrop
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