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Wishbone hall stand by Busk+Hertzog for Frost

Wishbone hall stand by Busk + Hertzog for Frost

Dezeen Showroom: designed by Danish duo Busk + Hertzog for design brand Frost, the Wishbone hall stand is intended to be a sculptural object that recalls the branches of a tree.

Named for its repeating Y-shaped forms, the Wishbone hall stand features three steel rods that rise from its circular base.

Photo of two Wishbone hall stands in copper and black colours in the corner of a room
The Wishbone hall stand is named for its characteristic Y shapes

The steel rods split into "branches" at the top, where coats and jackets can be hung.

Frost describes the piece as "a modern design object" that is equally at home in private rooms as well as public areas.

Photo of a black-coloured Wishbone stand by Frost in a minimal hallway with shoes on racks alongside
The stand is intended to be a sculptural object

"Its special design makes it one of the most unique and sculptural designs of the Frost Collection," said the brand.

The branched element of Wishbone is made from glossy stainless steel available in different colour options, and the stem of the stand can be covered in a range of finishes, including brushed black, gold and copper stainless steel.

Product: Wishbone
Designer: Busk + Hertzog
Brand: Frost
Contact: [email protected]

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