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Bollards lining a pathway in a park

Stump bollard by Peter Bysted for Icono

Dezeen Showroom: designer Peter Bysted and Danish lighting company Icono have released a sturdy outdoor light that aims to reduce light pollution.

Stump was designed to illuminate outside areas on the Island of Møn in southern Denmark, which is a certified Dark Sky Community. Here residents are required to help keep low levels of light pollution in order to maintain the island's reputation as a place for stargazing.

Bollards lining a pathway in a park
Stump is designed to line pathways

The bollard has an oxidised cast iron body and transparent cap containing a warm-toned, low-energy lighting fixture that glows gently when in use.

Stump's undulating base creates shadows throughout the day and its sturdy structure means it can be used as a stool for people to lean on.

Bollard on a lawn with an old building in the background
It has an oxidised cast iron body

The design aims to blend non-obstructively into outdoor environments while providing light on pathways in both private and public outdoor spaces.

"Stump's emission of light is non-blinding and dedicated to illuminating parks and paths – just enough to ensure safety," said Icono.

Product: Stump
Designer: Peter Bysted
Brand: Icono
Contact: [email protected]

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Detail of the glazed section of the bollard
Bollard on a lawn
Bollard on a lawn with an old building behind it