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Twin Moon seating collection by Pepe Albargues for Missana Lab

Twin Moon seating by Pepe Albargues for Missana

Dezeen Showroom: Spanish brand Missana has released the Twin Moon seating collection, which includes armchairs and sofas informed by a lunar phenomenon.

The collection was designed by Missana's co-founder Pepe Albargues, who created the Twin Moon sofa and armchair after reading about an astronomical urban legend in which two moons appear to be in superimposition.

Twin Moon seating collection by Pepe Albargues for Missana Lab
The Twin Moon sofa is designed to appear like two superimposed moons

The seating features a repetition of curved shapes. The sofa has two detached, curving backrests and a seat designed to look like two overlapping circles from above, while the armchair has a circular seat.

"The Twin Moon armchair stands out for the elegance of its round-shaped backrest and seat cushions pretending to produce the illusion of the moon setting on the horizon," said Missana.

Twin Moon seating collection by Pepe Albargues for Missana
The seating can be upholstered in various materials and colours

The Twin Moon sofa and armchair are available upholstered in a wide range of fabrics and materials.

According to Missana, the brand is dedicated to local manufacturing and produces all of its products using a chain of suppliers located less than 60 kilometres from its facilities.

Product: Twin Moon
Designer: Pepe Albargues
Brand: Missana
Contact: [email protected]

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