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Sky blue sideboard in front of interior window with blue shelves either side

Elephant sideboard by Westblom Krasse Arkitektkontor

Dezeen Showroom: Swedish design studio Westblom Krasse Arkitektkontor has created a sideboard informed by both architectural construction and a children's comic book.

Designers Robin Krasse and Jesper Westblom named the Elephant sideboard after its structural sturdiness as well as its colour.

"The elephant reference came quite quickly because of the mass and chunkiness," said the designers. "This in combination with the blue colour reminded us of a Swedish comic book character named 'Pellefant' – a clumsy, bright blue elephant, which made the blue colour stick."

Sky blue sideboard in front of white wall
Elephant consists of four elements

The sideboard is made from wood and consists of one horizontal and three vertical pieces that share sharp right angled corners and flat, planar surfaces.

Overhanging and protruding edges means the piece casts angular shadows throughout the day.

End of blue sideboard with small shelf above
The sideboard can be accompanied by a matching mini shelf

"The aim was to create a playful, robust and durable piece of furniture," said the studio.

All Elephant sideboards are painted in a sky blue colour and can be easily assembled and taken apart as required. Versions of the sideboard have also been made in baby pink, available upon request.

The sideboard is produced in Sweden as part of the studio's Elephant & Co collection that includes Buddy, a matching mini shelf.

Product: Elephant & Co collection
Designers: Robin Krasse and Jesper Westblom
Brand: Westblom Krasse Arkitektkontor
Contact: [email protected]

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Detail of sky blue sideboard
Detail of sky blue sideboard