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Bentley's drive-in skyscraper

This week we revealed Bentley's drive-in skyscraper

This week on Dezeen, we revealed footage of a 61-storey skyscraper set to be built in Miami Beach that will contain a car lift so that residents can drive into apartments on all of its levels.

Created by Sieger Suarez Architects, Dezer Development and car brand Bentley, the 228-metre-high skyscraper will be built around a car elevator named the "Dezervator".

The lift will transport cars to a three- or four-car garage attached directly to each unit in the skyscraper.

Now or never exhibition at Stockholm Furniture Fair
Emma Olbers created the Now or Never exhibition at Stockholm Design Week

This week Stockholm Design Week took place in Sweden. During the week, Swedish furniture designer Emma Olbers created the Now or Never – 1kg CO2e exhibition to visualise the amounts of different materials needed to create one kilogram of carbon emissions.

Also during the week, electronics brand Samsung and design studio Form Us With Love presented a sofa hammock as a prototype "watching platform" for future flexible interior spaces.

Turkey earthquake damage
Cameron Sinclair wrote about disaster relief following the earthquake in Turkey and Syria

Following the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, Cameron Sinclair wrote an opinion piece stating that while architects can play a role in disaster recovery, egotistical posturing does not help.

"While most people see the wrath borne by tectonic rupture, architects, engineers and construction professionals know that earthquakes don't kill people, bad buildings do," he wrote.

Tate Modern viewing platform
Tate Modern's viewing platform decision "could mark the beginning of the end" wrote Helen Barrett

Responding to The Supreme Court's ruling that the Tate Modern's viewing platform invade the privacy of neighbouring residents, Helen Barrett wrote that the decision was part of a depressing trend in London.

"Tate Modern court ruling could mark the beginning of the end for one of London's greatest joys," she said.

Following the news, we looked back at other buildings that became the subject of legal disputes including Skyslide in LA, a bridge by Santiago Calatrava in Venice and a skyscraper by Foster + Partners in Las Vegas.

Photo of the Burberry logo
Burberry unveiled a new logo

In design news, British heritage brand Burberry unveiled a charging equestrian knight, which was originally created for the brand over 100 years ago, as its new logo.

This week also saw Italian start-up Cap_able launch a collection of knitted clothing that aims to block facial recognition software without covering people's faces.

Trainer car by Nissan and New Balance
Nissan and New Balance created a trainer car

Also in design news, automotive brand Nissan collaborated with trainer brand New Balance to create a car that resembles a trainer.

Following the release, we rounded up the most interesting cars that have been unveiled this year, including sideways-driving and colour-changing vehicles.

Exterior of pool house by Surman Weston
A geometric pool house was one of the week's most-read stories

Popular projects on Dezeen this week included a geometric pool house in Surrey, a human composting facility in Seattle and a fortress-like house in Portugal.

Our latest lookbooks focused on space-saving pocket doors that disappear into the walls and Spanish apartment renovations characterised by eclectic tiles.

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