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Yellow and off white gridded rug on grey backdrop

Grid rug by Professor Craig S Kaplan for Azmas Rugs

Dezeen Showroom: rug company Azmas Rugs has collaborated with computer scientist Craig S Kaplan on the Grid carpet, which has a pattern created by repeating mathematical tiles.

Woven in Rajasthan, India, the flatweave Grid rugs feature a computer-drawn mathematical pattern that are each unique thanks to being handmade.

Detail of yellow and off white gridded rug
The rug has an evolving pattern made up of gradually morphing tiles

The pattern gradually evolves inwards, from a straightforward checked pattern on the far outer sides to a complex maze as it reaches the midline of the rug.

"(The design) does not incorporate traditional pattern-repeats but is instead a tiling pattern that evolves in one direction," explained Azmas Rugs founder, Azmi Merican.

Yellow and off white gridded rug on grey backdrop
Grid can be ordered in a spectrum of colours

The rug is part of Azmas Rugs' Tessellation collection, which features other carpets that have similarly mathematically-generated patterns in a range of geometric shapes and colours.

Grid can be woven using any colours and has a rectangular shape that is 1.5 by 2.1 metres in size.

Product: Grid
Designer: Professor Craig Kaplan
Brand: Azmas Rugs
Contact: [email protected]

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