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Kagawa Prefectural Gymnasium

"We cannot save all we build" says commenter

In this week's comments update, readers are discussing the announcement that Kenzo Tange's modernist gymnasium is set to be demolished.

It was confirmed this week that the post-war landmark completed in 1964 by Pritzker Architecture Prize-winning architect Kenzo Tange in Takamatsu, Japan, will be demolished. Dezeen readers responded to the news in the comments section.

Tom Roberts was upvoted for commenting "it is an oddly interesting building that should not be lost".

"A remarkable building that it would be in Japan's interest to conserve," observed James Dunnett. "Conserving one building does not rule out creating more elsewhere."

Marius was in a more practical mood, saying "we cannot save all we build".

"The building isn't fit for purpose," said an equally unbothered Sharad Majumdar. "I look forward to whatever comes next."

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Two timber-clad pitched-roof structures on a snowy hill
Elizabeth Roberts combines two buildings into one for a Catskills ski house

"A simple solution to produce a fantastic result"

Brooklyn studio Elizabeth Roberts Architects completed a cedar alpine house in the Catskills Mountains that connects two gabled forms underground. On the whole, commenters loved the project.

Tony365, however, was conflicted, saying "it is a lovely set of buildings. The fit and finish are great. But I kinda hate it."

"The scale messes with your head," said JZ. "You think of this as a modest, cozy cottage, but it's 3,500 square feet with three full and two half bathrooms!"

But Richard Leonard was unequivocal in his love, finding it to be a "great example of a simple solution (using the grade to bury the connected volume) to produce a fantastic result (two volumes at street level that feel much smaller)."

"Great choices throughout; the finishes are gorgeous (drooling over the tile and the white oak) and the plan is impeccable. Beautiful work," they continued.

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The Loop rendering
Urb proposes 93-kilometre cycling highway "to make Dubai the most connected city on earth"

"Raises more questions than it seeks to answer"

Architecture studio Urb proposed creating The Loop as a covered highway for cyclists and pedestrians that would wrap around Dubai and commenters weren't impressed.

Muckers270 thought the proposal was "a shockingly bad project that raises more questions than it seeks to answer." Alfred Hitchcock concurred, saying: "Further evidence of what happens when there's far too much money and no awareness or even common sense."

"To be fair, you probably need air conditioning in Dubai to encourage biking and cycling but wouldn't it make sense to cover existing streets with some sort of canopy and encourage walking and cycling in a three-kilometre radius for a start?" asked Zea Newland.

Meanwhile Jacopo was discouraged, saying "sometimes you wonder why we bother doing green single-family homes when people are allowed to make a glass snake of conditioned air in the middle of the desert 93-kilometres long."

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Anish Kapoor NYC bean sculpture in Tribeca
Iwan Baan photographs Anish Kapoor sculpture squashed under New York skyscraper

"The utter irrationality of it"

In New York, photographer Iwan Baan released images of Anish Kapoor's long-awaited reflective sculpture at the base of Herzog & de Meuron's 56 Leonard Street skyscraper.

Betty Rubble expressed feelings other commenters agreed with: "I get a big charge out of this. The utter irrationality of it. The tension of that massive building resting on it, going to make a massive pop any second... Kicks you in the frontal cortex."

"I kept smiling – even laughed – as I read the article," said Charlie Bing. "This feels like a special piece of work."

Ken Steffes had fun thinking of nicknames for the sculpture, saying "a good name would be 'refried bean' or 'Beano'."

Was JB being cynical when they commented "this is a very fine gimmick by one of the very best gimmick mongers"?

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