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Kaya chairs by Morgan Furniture

Kaya chair collection by Morgan

Dezeen Showroom: British brand Morgan has released the Kaya collection of dining and lounge chairs, which combine precision-cut solid wood with soft upholstery.

The Kaya collection was designed to provide a feeling of "relaxed luxury" and is said to evoke a sense of "komorebi" – the Japanese word for sunshine filtered through leaves.

Kaya chairs by Morgan Furniture
The solid wood Kaya collection includes dining chairs

Every piece features a frame made of smooth, curving wood struts cut by a CNC machine — a contrast to the more commonly seen large timber components in chairs — and sculpted upholstery made using any fabric of the customer's choice.

"Relying on trends in the design world means whatever you produce will be bound by the tastes of a certain point in time," said Morgan creative director Katerina Zachariades. "At Morgan, we like to look to things which have stood the test of time, from artwork of various styles to elements of the natural world."

Kaya chairs by Morgan Furniture
The smooth, curving frames are cut by CNC machine

The Kaya collection consists of small, large and high-back lounge chairs as well as two dining chairs. It is made from beech wood as standard or can also be specified in ash, walnut or oak.

Morgan uses the timber that is removed in the the CNC cutting process to help heat its manufacturing facility via a biomass boiler.

Product: Kaya
Brand: Morgan
Contact: [email protected]

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