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Two Quasar portable lamps by Samy Rio for Petite Friture in a living room

Quasar portable lamp by Samy Rio for Petite Friture

Dezeen Showroom: French designer Samy Rio has created a "nomadic lamp" for Petite Friture that users can carry around and hang using a multicoloured strap reminiscent of climbing rope.

The cordless Quasar lamp is made from durable anodized aluminium and a battery lasts up to 12 hours between charges.

Arm holding a green Quasar lamp by Samy Rio for Petite Friture
Quasar is a portable lamp by Petite Friture

A five-metre-long woven rope attached to the top makes the lamp portable while a dimmer allows the light to be set to three different brightnesses and three different colour temperatures from warm to cool white.

The result is "a nomadic lamp with several light intensities", available in five colours inclusing emerald and olive green.

Five Quasar lamps by Samy Rio for Petite Friture in different colours
The design is available in five colours

The design was named after Quasars – extremely bright, distant astronomical objects visible to radio telescopes.

"A Quasar is a star-like body that is considered to be the brightest of all," Petite Friture said. "Its circular appearance and its light properties inspired Samy Rio and Petite Friture as they worked on their first wireless lamp."

Product: Quasar lamp
Designer: Samy Rio
Brand: Petite Friture
Contact: [email protected]

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