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Shelf extractor hood by Falmec

Shelf extractor hood by Falmec

Dezeen Showroom: Italian kitchen brand Falmec has created the Shelf extractor hood, which has a minimal design that conceals its suction functionality within a shelf attached to a wall.

Part of Falmec's new Elements collection, Shelf features a 120-centimetre-long hood element that can be extended on either or both sides with additional shelving modules.

Shelf extractor hood by Falmec
The Shelf extractor hood conceals its suction element within a continuous shelf

These modules can bring in additional functionality, incorporating elements such as spice racks or tablet holders that further add to the kitchen's individuality and practicality.

All of this is achieved within a shelf structure that is 10 centimetres thick, and that includes Falmec's Carbon.Zeo filter to eliminate odours through the use of natural minerals such as charcoal and zeolite.

Shelf extractor hood by Falmec
Shelf can incorporate additional accessories such as spice racks and tablet holders

"Elements optimises and creates new spaces," said Falmec. "This was the idea behind our exclusive Monolith, Shelf and Air Wall modular systems: three brand new products whose designs 'hide' technology within singular elements, and that integrate perfectly with interior design projects."

Shelf has a black painted steel structure with a black satin-finished aluminium profile. Integrated LED strip lighting runs the length of the underside of the shelf, illuminating the worktop below.

Product: Shelf
Brand: Falmec
Contact: [email protected]

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