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Painting of a forest

Hong Kong-based My ArchiSchool set to launch digital Architecture Library

Promotion: Hong Kong-based school My ArchiSchool is launching its digital Architecture Library in the summer of 2023, which will present projects by students and graduates of the school.

The school's Architecture Library will include digital 3D models of buildings, paintings and conceptual projects designed by My ArchiSchool students.

The featured projects include a photomontage by student Antonia Villet, which depicts an experimental design of a teahouse situated in an over-populated area of Hong Kong, and an acrylic painting of a forest by student Albus Oscar Chung.

Photomontage by Antonia Villet featuring a person standing inside a colourful building
The library will showcase a range of student's projects. Above: Photomontage by Antonia Villet. Top image: Forest by Albus Oscar Chung

Also included will be Universe by Villet, which is a large-scale acrylic painting on canvas that depicts a surreal image informed by a bouquet of roses, and The Last Beam of Light by Chung – an acrylic painting of a mountainous landscape.

"We always keep learning from the students' fresh ideas," said the founders of My ArchiSchool.

"In the traditional business of publishing, not every good idea will be published due to various practical and operational reasons."

The launch of the school's Architecture Library is a bid to present and archive the school's latest projects. My ArchiSchool aims for it to promote the architectural excellence of its students.

The Last Beam of Light by Albus Oscar Chung, depicting a colourful landscape
The library also includes a number of paintings. Photo: The Last Beam of Light by Chung

"Young designers must have developed and observed spatial models before they can start designing our beloved city," commented the founders.

"Our Architecture Library is designed for students to view other individual's work, and to experience 3D models of space."

The school's library will include 3D models and also paintings of students' work in a number of "virtual galleries". The library is open to the public and can be accessed for free, with no additional software required.

A surreal painting informed by roses
The platform can be used for free. Image: Universe by Villet

My ArchiSchool runs a variety of in-person and online courses for aspiring young architects, aiming to teach 3D modelling and other skills that will set them up for careers in the built environment.

To learn more about My ArchiSchool's Architecture Library, visit its website.

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