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Two Wander mirrors by AC/AL Studio for Petite Friture in a bedroom

Wander mirrors by AC/AL Studio for Petite Friture

Dezeen Showroom: transparent two-toned glass frames these mirrors from Petite Friture, which were designed by Parisian practice AC/AL Studio to cast a colourful halo onto their surroundings.

The mirrors in the Wander collection are mounted using a special hanging system so they sit at a slight distance from the wall, allowing the light that passes through the stained glass to project its colours onto the wall behind.

Wander mirror by AC/AL Studio in a bathroom
The Wander mirrors are suited to both bathrooms and living spaces

The collection comes in three different sizes and two-tone colours – contrasting emerald with cherry, vermillion with khaki and brick-red with purple.

At the centre of each pane, the coloured glass seamlessly transitions into mirrored glass.

Three multicoloured mirrors by Petite Friture in a living room
The collection is made from mirrored and two-toned glass

Depending on the size of the product this section takes on a different shape, from the elongated pill shape used for the larger rectangular Wander mirrors to the ornate frames featured on the smaller versions.

"The collection evokes a sense of freedom of the mind through its graphic lines and visually fun style," Petite Friture said. "The transparent glass of the mirror adorns a meticulous bicolour print showcasing unique shades and original shapes."

Product: Wander mirrors
Designer: AC/AL Studio
Brand: Petite Friture
Contact: [email protected]

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