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The Avon collection

The Avon Collection acoustic panels by Freyja Sewell for The Collective

Dezeen Showroom: designer Freyja Sewell has created a collection of acoustic panels that nod to the "flowing waters of Cornwall" for The Collective.

The Avon Collection is a series of three interchangeable acoustic panels that were designed by Sewell to reflect her native Cornwall.

Close-up of acoustic panel in a yellow hue
The Avon Collection is a collection of acoustic panels

Named after the Cornish word for "river", the collection includes panels called Krenn, Flow and Leven, which are all crafted from EchoPanel – an award-winning eco-material designed by acoustics distributors Woven Image.

The material features a rich matte surface with a similar texture to traditional felt but is made from 60 per cent recycled plastic bottles and can absorb up to 45 per cent of soundwaves.

Wall of acoustic panels with sofas lined up against them
The panels are designed to control noise levels

Each acoustic panel is characterised by undulating grooved patterns that reference the "natural wonders and flowing waters of Cornwall", according to The Collective.

Krenn and Leven take their names from the Cornish terms for "round" and "smooth" respectively, while Flow owes its title to the movement of water.

Curving pattern on acoustic panel by Freyja Sewell
Designer Freyja Sewell took cues from the movement of water in Cornwall

Sewell was informed by the streams and brooks of her childhood village Callestick when creating the curving motifs that decorate the panels.

"I am passionate about finding commercial ways to bring biophillic harmony into shared spaces through visual language and sensorial conditions," said Sewell.

Portrait of designer Freyja Sewell
The Avon Collection was designed by Sewell to reflect her native Cornwall

The Avon Collection acoustic panels are available in a series of colours in natural hues including green, orange, yellow and blue.

"EchoPanel is a very unique material," said Sewell. "I've fallen in love with the subtle difference between the finished top surface and the freshly cut edge."

"The top is slightly more glossy, which results in a pattern with real depth, as light moves from one to the other," she added.

"Precision cutting allowed us to create dense swathes of light and shadow that subtly change and shift as you move past, which exactly mirrors the journey, the movement, of water."

Product: The Avon Collection
Designer: Freyja Sewell
Brand: The Collective
Contact: [email protected]

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