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Code by Nightworks Studio

Code lighting collection by Nightworks Studio

Dezeen Showroom: New Zealand lighting brand Nightworks Studio has designed a modular lighting system from hand-blown glass that reference the lines, dots and dashes of Morse code. 

Named Code, the collection comprises six pendant configurations and a wall sconce in a matching design.

Photo of Morse by Nightworks Studio
The collection is named Code

The pendant lighting and wall sconce were constructed from hand-blown glass and solid brass. The pendant lighting has a modular design that allows each of its components to be connected and powered by a screw mechanism.

Code can be easily organised and arranged in multiple different ways by hand to add a visual interpretation of the dot and dash shapes created from Morse code.

Kitchen interior with wall sconce
It is available in a wall sconce

"A beautiful and simple solution," said The Good Design Awards 2020 jury. "Simple end-user customisation is the holy grail and if the product works as suggested, market success is all but guaranteed."

"The capacity for the end-user to adapt yet still maintain a high-end aesthetic is applauded. Refined, elegant and function – with a distinguished design."

Product: Code
Brand: Nightworks Studio
Contact: [email protected]

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