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Tasman by Nightworks

Tasman pendant light by Nightworks

Dezeen Showroom: New Zealand lighting brand Nightworks Studio has launched a collection of modular pendant lights named Tasman, which have a waving form.

Named after the Tasman Sea, the curved shape of the Tasman lights can be used independently or connected in multiples to create a long waving pendant.

Photo of Tasman by Nightworks
Tasman is a collection of pendant lights

The modules are attached together via a simple screw, increasing the span of the light to better suit the space it is located in.

Within the collection are three different pendant designs, including single, double and triple waves, each of which can be added upon.

Photo of Tasman
It is available in four colours

It uses dimmable LED lighting technology and is constructed from aluminium, which according to Nightworks Studio allows the product to be recycled.

Tasman is available in four colourways, including a salt white, an anodised matte gold, a deep navy blue and a terracotta, each of which is said to draw inspiration from New Zealand's natural settings and landscapes.

Product: Tasman pendant
Brand: Nightworks Studio
Contact: [email protected]

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Tasman by Nightworks
Tasman by Nightworks
Tasman by Nightworks