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Garden dome by Hypedome

Garden dome by Hypedome

Dezeen Showroom: Hypedome's garden domes are designed to be used as a tranquil lounge, yoga den, office space or even sleeping quarters so that the outdoors can be enjoyed year round.

Hypedome's geodesic domes are created to add a calming indoor-outdoor space that is both hardy and beautiful to any garden.

Garden dome by Hypedome
Hypedome's garden domes can be used as indoor-outdoor office pods

The hemispherical domes are made of solid polycarbonate panels, which Hypedome says look like glass but are 200 times more durable and which are weather-resistant and UV-protected, sheltering the furniture placed within.

"Our goal was to create durable domes that would not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of gardens but also provide a practical living space that can withstand various weather conditions," said Hypedome.

Garden dome by Hypedome
The geodesic domes are made of durable polycarbonate

The domes or garden pods can be used year-round, being easy to heat in winter, and Hypedome gives them a life expectancy of 15 years, after which they can be fully recycled.

The domes come in three sizes, with a crystal Clear finish as standard. Mirror, Grey and translucent Opal options are also available, adding privacy.

Product: Garden pods
Brand: Hypedome
Contact: [email protected]

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