Rajasthan School by Sanjay Puri

Five key projects by architect and Dezeen Awards judge Sanjay Puri

Indian architect Sanjay Puri has joined Dezeen Awards 2023 as a judge. Here, he selects five projects that best reflect his studio's work.

Puri, the principal architect and founder of Mumbai-based architecture firm Sanjay Puri Architects, describes his practice as "exploratory, constantly evolving to create spaces".

"We emphasise contextual responses that are sustainable," Puri told Dezeen. "We are currently working on over 100 projects of all typologies including housing, schools, offices, apartments, urban planning, hotels and resorts."

The projects are "contextual to the location"

Puri has selected five projects that he considers best represent the work of his studio, including a curvilinear house built from locally sourced bricks, sandstone and lime plaster and a university building featuring a stepped green roof and punctuated courtyards.

"Each of these projects is contextual to the location in their responses to the climate. The buildings are energy efficient and explore different ways of experiencing spaces," said Puri.

Puri among Dezeen Awards 2023 judges

Dezeen Awards 2023 launched last month in partnership with Bentley Motors. On Tuesday we announced five more Dezeen Awards judges, including architects Koichi Takada and Jing Liu, creative director Rafael de Cárdenas, Architecture Hunter founder Amanda Ferber and interior architect Tola Ojuolape.

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Read on to find Puri's views on the five projects that best represent the work of his studio.

Mirai House by Sanjay Puri
Photo by Dinesh Mehta

The Mirai House of Arches, Rajasthan, India

"Mirai is a villa in Rajasthan, India, designed on a small 622 square metre corner plot for a three generational family.

"A punctuated curvilinear envelope surrounds the house, creating semi-open spaces all along the perimeter, with deeper recesses on the garden-facing sides.

"This design solution reduces heat gain while also providing sheltered open spaces around the villa in the hot summer months when temperatures exceed 40 degrees Celsius.

"In collaboration with craftsmen and local labour from the immediate vicinity, Mirai House was built using locally sourced bricks, sandstone and lime plaster. The villa also includes natural systems to recycle [used] water, harvest rainwater and solar panels to generate electricity."

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Ras Houses by Sanjay Puri
Photo courtesy of Sanjay Puri Architects

The Ras Houses, Rajasthan, India

"The Ras Houses are low-rise volumes designed around open courtyards and gardens which comprise a series of guest houses, bachelor hostels and studio apartments.

"Deeply recessed windows, open and sheltered courtyard and naturally cross-ventilated living spaces contribute towards reduced heat gain and naturally cooled interiors.

"The volumes are painted in bright hues derived from the traditional Rajasthan colour palette."

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Rajasthan School by Sanjay Puri
Photo by Dinesh Mehta

The Rajasthan School, Rajasthan, India

"The Rajasthan School is informed by old [Indian] cities, with an informal layout interspersed with open and enclosed volumes.

"Conscious of the desert climate of its location, each of the classrooms are north oriented to avoid direct sunlight. The ventilation occurs naturally via corridors traversing and skirting the semi-sheltered courtyard at the centre of the school.

"The semi-sheltered courtyard has multiple angular pathways, connecting the school with open-air play spaces that foster engagement.

"The school's entire electrical power requirement is generated by the residual energy of a cement plant nearby. In addition, the [school's] water [waste] is recycled and reused."

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Prestige University by Sanjay Puri

The Prestige University, Indore, India

"The Prestige University is an energy-efficient building that, in addition to housing numerous activities, also operates as a large open public space with an accessible ground floor and landscaped roof.

"The multiple spaces within are interspersed with naturally lit courtyards, allowing indirect light to infuse the internal volumes at each level.

"The north lighting and courtyards take cues from traditional Indian architecture, creating an energy-efficient sustainable building with minimal dependence on artificial lighting and air conditioning."

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18 Screens by Sanjay Puri

18 Screens, Lucknow, India

"The site for this house lies along a busy arterial road and is on the peripheral edge of an extensive development of private homes.

"The house is built around a courtyard, the focal point of a traditional Indian house, in response to the climate of the location.

"Patterned screens and embroidery provide shelter from the sun, creating different light patterns throughout the day and mitigating traffic noise.

"The design facilitates natural ventilation and sunlight within the building and is simultaneously contextual to the location, considering the sun, tradition, culture and social aspects."

Dezeen Awards 2023

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