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Showroom featuring colourful PatBo clothing displayed on racks

BoND uses pink scaffolding at New York "embassy" for fashion brand PatBo

Architecture studio BoND has designed the New York headquarters for Brazilian fashion brand PatBo, which features pink scaffolding and rugs based on drawings by Roberto Burle Marx.

The office and showroom for PatBo occupies a 7,000-square-foot (650-square-metre) loft, which spans the entire seventh floor of a historic building on Fifth Avenue.

Reception area at the PatBo New York showroom
The PatBo showroom is located in a light-filled loft in New York's Flatiron District

As the brand's global headquarters, this space serves multiple purposes: showcasing the brand's apparel; providing office space for staff; hosting buyers and events.

"Our biggest challenge was to divide the space according to the showroom's new program while keeping its loft-like openness," said BoND co-founder Noam Dvir.

Pink scaffolding used as clothes trails
To divide the open space, BoND used pink-painted scaffolding that doubles as clothing rails

To create partitions that double as displays, the designers chose scaffolding elements on which clothing can be hung and shelving can be installed.

"They are so readily available, so New York in their character, and very easy to adapt to different conditions," said Daniel Rauchwerger, BoND's other co-founder. "Moreover, they're inexpensive and have a younger, fresher feel that works so well with the spirit of a PatBo studio."

The showroom also serves as an office space
The showroom also serves as an office space for the PatBo team

Scaffolding has been used in a variety of retail environments for its versatility and ease of installation, including a bright yellow Calvin Klein store transformed by Raf Simons and Sterling Ruby, and a boutique for Wardrobe NYC designed by Jordana Maisie.

Painted pale pink in the PatBo showroom, the industrial scaffolding takes on a more feminine appearance, which sets the tone for the rest of the showroom.

Pleated pendant lights hang above a long table
Feminine touches like pleated pendant lights align with the brand's aesthetic

Curved couches, pleated pendant lamps and tambour panelling all add to the soft aesthetic and further align with PatBo's brand expression.

Circular fitting rooms surrounded by curtains allow clients to try on the colourful clothing in the main showrooom.

Tambour panelling is installed in private offices
Private offices feature tambour panelling and a mix of furniture

A second showroom area for hosting buyer appointments and casting calls includes minimal clothing racks with brass rails and oak frames.

This space is closed off from the reception, but still visible through large glass panels that allow light from the exterior windows to pass through.

The loft space overlooks Fifth Avenue
The historic building overlooks Fifth Avenue

Private offices along the far side of the loft also feature glass doors for the same purpose, and add to the feeling of openness and transparency throughout the showroom.

"It's not meant to be too precious or delicate, but rather a place where a group of creative professionals can feel encouraged to move things around and make it their own," said Dvir.

Atop the wooden floors are rugs based on the drawings of Brazilian modernist and landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx, designed in collaboration with São Paulo-based Punto e Filo.

Colourful furniture and potted plants also contribute to the Brazilian vibe in the space, and complement PatBo's vibrant garments.

Wooden chairs on top of a rug inspired by Roberto Burle Marx
Rugs throughout the space are based on the drawings of Brazilian modernist Roberto Burle Marx

At the back of the showroom is a bar area, featuring a pink stone counter with rounded corners, and a sink placed within a curved niche that has mirrored sides.

"This is a space that combines elements of office, retail, and hospitality," said Rauchwerger. "With that, it is able to serve as a real embassy for PatBo as a brand."

A bar area with pink stone counters
A bar area with pink stone counters is used for hosting events

Rauchwerger and Dvir, both former journalists, founded BoND in 2019 after working as architects at OMA, WeWork and more.

Their studio's previous projects have included the renovation of a dark Chelsea apartment into a light-filled home.

The photography is by Blaine Davis.

Project credits:

Project team: Daniel Rauchwerger, Noam Dvir, Liza Tedeschi