Manifesto Market in Prague by Chybik + Kristof

Chybik + Kristof creates reversible Manifesto Market in Prague with reclaimed materials

Czech studio Chybik + Kristof has completed a pop-up marketplace in Prague with a modular structure of pastel-blue scaffolding that can be easily modified or relocated.

Located in the city's Andel district, the project is the third in a series of temporary food markets in Prague designed for the hospitality brand Manifesto Market.

It was built by reusing and adapting materials from the previous iteration in Smichov, which was also designed by Chybik + Kristof.

Entrance to Manifesto Market by Chybik + Kristof in Prague
Chybik + Kristof has created its third Manifesto Market in Prague

Each of these markets has aimed to reinvigorate a neglected site with new activity.

The Andel market sits in an "under-utilised gap" alongside a carpark in the district's shopping, business and entertainment area. It comprises 13 restaurants, two bars and a culture zone with a stage.

Pop-up structure in Prague made from blue scaffolding
It incorporates modular blue scaffolding on top of wooden decking

Raised on wooden decking that conceals its technical services, the structure's blue scaffolding supports a series of corrugated metal kiosks organised around small courtyards, seating and a shallow pool.

The scaffolding also incorporates lights, signage and speakers, while doubling as an elevated terrace overlooking the market below.

Manifesto Market in Prague by Chybik + Kristof
There is a shallow pool

Simple cut-outs create serving hatches in the metal kiosks, and purple and neon tube lights attached to the scaffolding activate the courtyard spaces at night.

According to Chybik + Kristof, Manifesto Market's form "draws from the courtyard typology, specific to Prague's urban fabric".

Corrugated-aluminium kiosk beside pool in Prague
Corrugated aluminium sheets were repurposed from previous iterations of the market

"Each of the courtyards, characterised by unique components such as furniture, lighting, and greenery, provides meaningful experiences for visitors and the local community," explained the studio.

"In the heart of the market, the scaffolding serves as a terrace that floats above the containers, overlooking the vibrant event spaces of the lower levels."

To limit the environmental impact of the project, it is powered by renewable energy and designed to be reversible. Its scaffolding can be easily disassembled and adapted to future sites once the Andel market closes.

The design also incorporates several reclaimed materials, including corrugated aluminium sheets, lighting and furniture recovered from the previous pop-up market in Smichov.

Night shot of Manifesto Market in Prague
Courtyards are positioned between the scaffolding. Photo by Vaclav Miskovsky

"Manifesto Andel is an example of reversible design, and the philosophy of reuse is crucial to its concept," said the studio.

"The market operates the whole year and is powered by clean energy from renewable sources. The modular concept makes it compatible with various spaces, allowing for its reuse in future locations," it added.

Seating area inside Manifesto Market in Prague by Chybik + Kristof
The courtyards are lined with seating

Alongside the previous Manifesto Market in Smichov, Chybik + Kristof's other recent projects include the redesign of a brutalist bus terminal in Brno and an undulating concrete building for wine producer Lahofer.

The studio also recently revealed designs for what will be the tallest skyscraper in the Czech Republic, the Ostrava Tower.

The photography is by Studio Flusser unless stated otherwise.

More images and plans

Axonometric site plan of Manifesto Market by Chybik+Kristof
Axonometric site plan
Axonometric plan of Manifesto Market by Chybik+Kristof
Axonometric plan
Manifesto Market in Prague by Chybik + Kristof
Photo by Alexandra Siebenthal