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Constellation by David Rockwell for Lasvit

Constellation lighting by David Rockwell for Lasvit

Dezeen Showroom: American architect David Rockwell has created the Constellation lighting collection for Lasvit, referencing the celestial motifs of New York City's Grand Central Terminal ceiling mural.

The Constellation series includes ceiling fixtures, wall sconces, a floor lamp and a table lamp, all with glass lighting domes connected to resemble star charts.

Constellation by David Rockwell for Lasvit
The Cassiopeia ceiling sconce features five glass domes connected by metal elements to resemble a star chart

The Cassiopeia and Ursa Minor fixtures expand horizontally across the ceiling in configurations of five or seven, while the touch-activated Polaris floor lamp is meant to evoke the beacon of the North Star.

There is also a table lamp — Gemini, a small-scale twin of Polaris — and wall sconces in two designs: Tri Star, which echoes Orion's Belt, and Cassiopeia, a dramatic vertical interpretation of the ceiling fixture of the same name.

Constellation by David Rockwell for Lasvit

"Each lighting fixture serves a dual function: to dazzle the eye as a focal point and to unify any setting in which it is placed," said Rockwell.

The Constellation series' glass domes have a metallic coating that intends to emit depth and vibrancy even when off and their metal structures come in Champagne Gold or Titan Black.

Product: Constellation
Designer: David Rockwell
Brand: Lasvit
Contact: [email protected]

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