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Combus shelving system by Narbutas

Combus shelving system by Narbutas

Dezeen Showroom: created by office furniture brand Narbutas, the Combus shelving system offers a way to partition spaces, while providing versatile storage.

The Combus system features a range of shelving types and heights, which can be customised with various finishes as well as accessories such as planter boxes, felt storage baskets and metal bookends to create an individualised look.

Combus shelving system by Narbutas
The Combus system can be customised with different styles of shelving

In addition to the traditional "I" shape for shelving, Combus invites configurations in "L" and "T" shapes, offering an interesting way to divide up office space, whether it's to create private work areas or collaborative meeting spots and lounges.

The higher, closed shelving options are good for creating privacy around work and meeting areas, while the shorter shelves can be used to divide spaces without cutting off connections and conversations between employees.

Combus shelving system by Narbutas
It can also be used to divide spaces and provide privacy

The Combus system also supports meetings by enabling the attachment of screens for presentations, with a metal duct hiding the cable away for a clean, wire-free aesthetic.

Combus is made using recycled materials, and is easily disassembled for adaptation and reuse.

Product: Combus
Brand: Narbutas
Contact: [email protected]

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