mercedes benz maybach by virgil abloh

Eight electric car innovations from Dezeen's Pinterest

Pins on our electric cars board are some of the most popular on Dezeen's Pinterest. Here we round up eight of the most innovative electric cars.

With the continued transition to electric cars, concept designs and newly-unveiled models are often trending on Pinterest.

Along with car companies they are being designed by designers like Heatherwick Studio, electronics brand Sony and late fashion design Virgil Abloh.

Scroll down to see eight innovative projects pinned on Dezeen's Pinterest and browse our popular electric cars board to see more.

Electric show car by Abloh for Maybach

Project Maybach by Mercedes-Benz and Virgil Abloh

German brand Mercedes Benz showcased a solar-cell-powered electric car at Miami Art Week 2021 which the brand designed in collaboration with the late fashion designer Virgil Abloh.

Named Project Maybach, the concept car featured a transparent front bonnet, which contains solar cells that charge its battery.

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Electric sportscar with low, wide body and aggressive stance

Polestar O2 by Polestar

Electric carmaker Polestar designed the Polestar 02 with the aim of combining the attributes of a sports car with the brand's sustainability values.

A cinematic drone is stored behind the rear seat of the convertible and can be used to follow, and film, the car at speeds of up to 90 kilometres per hour.

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Rolls-Royce Spectre all-electric luxury coupe

The Spectre coupe by Rolls-Royce

The Spectre coupe is the luxury brand's first all-electric car. The car has a drag coefficient of 0.25cd making it Rolls-Royce's most aerodynamic car.

The Spectre features a front grill that glows in the dark and can be controlled by a digital dashboard called Spirit. An app called Whispers also makes it possible for owners to interact with it remotely.

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Rear view of prototype Afeela EV by Honda and Sony as launched at CES

Afeela EV by Sony and Honda

The Afeela EV is an electric sedan prototype created by electronics brand Sony and car manufacturer Honda. It uses 45 different sensors and cameras to all it to drive autonomously.

The interior interface, along with screens for watching movies and playing games, was developed by gaming company Epic Games.

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Aptera Solar electric vehicle

The Aptera car by Aptera

Powered by solar and electric energy, the Aptera car has 180 solar cells integrated into its body that allow it to be charged using solar energy from the sun.

On a full charge, which can also be done using a cord a charging station, it can have a range of up to 1,000 miles.

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Arrival has designed the Arrival Car for Uber

Arrival by Arrival

Designed for ride-sharing company Uber, the Arrival Car was described by the company as "super minimal".

It was created for built-up areas where ride-hailing is the most popular mode of travel and has a large, touchscreen digital dashboard that can be used to control navigation, bluetooth phone connection and temperature settings.

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BMW i Vision Circular car

 i Vision Circular by BMW

German brand BMW's i Vision Circular concept car was made from recycled and recyclable materials and has detachable connections so its parts can be separated and reused.

Instead of using paint, the brand coated and tempered the car's exterior in shimmering shades of copper and blue. Inside the car, upholstery and carpet were made from old BMW seat covers.

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Heatherwick electric car

Airo by Heatherwick Studio

The Airo electric car concept by UK studio Heatherwick Studio was designed for Chinese brand IM Motors. It was designed to be equipped with a high-efficiency particulate air-filtering system that will allow the car to clean the air as it drives.

The car was designed as a multifunction room with car seats that face each other and are rotatable. It can also be used as a bedroom as the seats fully recline to create a double bed.

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