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Alcoba table by Selma Lazrak

Alcoba table by Selma Lazrak

Dezeen Showroom: designer Selma Lazrak looked to the landscape and architecture of her native Morocco to create Alcoba, a coffee table rendered in rich walnut wood.

Solid-looking and robust, the Alcoba table is carved with precise archs and nooks that create a sculptural interplay of light and shadow.

Alcoba table by Selma Lazrak
The Alcoba table references Moroccan and Middle Eastern landscapes and architecture

It is part of Lazrak's Sahara collection, which is inspired by her childhood growing up in Morocco and the Middle East and draws on the region's dunes, desert landscapes and cultural artefacts.

For Alcoba, Lazrak has also referenced Moroccan and Moorish architecture, with the piece taking its name from the style of alcove typical of the region.

Alcoba table by Selma Lazrak
Its precise lines are created through a combination of machining and hand-finishing

"The aim was to capture the essence of a heritage and a land and combine them into a vocabulary of forms," said Lazrak, who is now based in Munich. "The piece is a tribute to the nature and crafts of Morocco."

The Alcoba table is carved by machine and hand-finished by artisans, employing what Lazrak describes as a unqiue combination of techniques to achieve a precise look.

Product: Alcoba
Designer: Selma Lazrak
Contact: [email protected]

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