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Volant chandelier by Ross Gardam

Volant chandelier by Ross Gardam

Dezeen Showroom: Australian designer Ross Gardam has created the Volant chandelier, a lighting installation of sculpturally angled metal bars and tubular glass elements, which launches at Milan design week 2023.

Gardam describes Volant as a modern chandelier that's almost akin to a kinetic sculpture, with its slender hanging components looking as if they are in motion and revolving around each other.

The Volant chandelier is made of angled metal and tubular glass elements

The luminaires are made of pearl white glass, with tubular, textured glass pinned over the top to create a distinctive illumination. They are attached to the ends of intersecting rods made of brass or bronze.

"The result is an elegant equilibrium that's at once enthralling yet soothing," said Gardam.

Volant chandelier by Ross Gardam
The chandlier is available in a range of finishes, including blackened brass for the metal

Made in Australia and assembled at Gardam's Melbourne-based studio, Volant is modular in design and can be configured to span across any interior space.

The chandelier is available in a range of glass finishes, and with a choice of bronze, natural hand-rubbed brass or blackened brass finished with natural wax for the metal.

Product: Volant
Designer: Ross Gardam
Contact: [email protected]

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