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Rug collection by Kristiina Lassus Rugs

Rugs by Kristiina Lassus

Dezeen Showroom: interior architect and designer Kristiina Lassus will present her latest rug collection at Milan design week 2023, showcasing a rug range knotted by hand in Nepal.

The collection of rugs features a number of different styles, all with natural colours and combinations of organic textures created using traditional Nepalese handicraft techniques.

Rug collection by Kristiina Lassus Rugs
The collection of rugs by Kristiina Lassus features traditional Nepalese handicraft techniques

A Finnish-born designer now based in Italy, Lassus says she has travelled extensively through India and Nepal since 2004, slowly getting to know their rug-making traditions and eventually beginning to manufacture there, always guided by principles of ethical and ecological sustainability.

Certified by fair trade organisation Label STEP, the current collection is made using Tibetan wool, linen, silk, bamboo silk and hemp, often with textures juxtaposed to create a memorable effect.

Rug collection by Kristiina Lassus Rugs
The designer combines natural colours and textures

"Every small step in the production stage leads to a precious outcome rich in nuances, steeped in history and customs handed down from generation to generation," said Lassus. "Every piece is unique and original."

Lassus will present the rugs under the theme of "responsible luxury" during Milan design week from 18 to 22 April, at the Kristiina Lassus Studio Showroom, Via Soperga 18.

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