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LG screen in maximalist space

LG OLED reimagines tech consumer goods as desirable interior objects at Milan design week

Promotion: as part of its immersive exhibition at Milan design week, electronics brand LG OLED has teamed up with Dutch design brand Moooi to give its lifestyle TVs a decorative makeover.

Presented at Milan design week 2023 in a multi-sensory exhibition called A Life Extraordinary, a series of one-of-a-kind LG OLED TVs and portable speakers are installed across nine rooms.

The immersive environments, featuring Moooi's trademark maximalist aesthetic, are designed to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds, seamlessly blending tech products with furniture, lighting and floor and wall coverings.

Model sitting in front of Moooi screen
A Life Extraordinary is a series of one-of-a-kind LG OLED TVs and portable speakers that are installed across nine rooms

Each of the TVs, including the Easel and Posé models from the LG OLED Objet Collection, is wrapped in one of five fabric covers featuring Moooi patterns.

The exhibition marks the second time the two brands have partnered during Milan design week after a successful collaboration last year.

"We were inspired by Moooi's eclectic yet luxurious aesthetic to create unique pieces of art using our LG OLED Objet Collection," vice president of the Brand Communication Division at the LG Home Entertainment Company, Kate Oh told Dezeen.

Kate Oh in front of the installation at Milan design week
The immersive exhibition takes place at Milan design week. Pictured: Kate Oh

"In each collaboration, LG OLED and Moooi try to further push the envelope and blur the lines between technology and decor," continued Oh. "This year the idea was to bring harmony, yet excitement to the exhibition's nine habitats."

The LG OLED Objet Collection Easel TV, which resembles an easel used for painting or displaying art, is enveloped in a movable Moooi-designed fabric cover that matches the furnishings.

Designed to enhance the colours and contrasts of LG OLED's self-lit display technology, the cover slides up when the TV is set to Line View, reducing the amount of screen visible and giving users access to useful features and modes such as Date, Clock and Audio Player.

Moooi fabric on LG screen
The exhibition marks the second time the two brands have partnered during Milan design week

The LG OLED Objet Collection Posé TV has a slim, sleek design with gently curved edges. Its lightweight design makes it relatively simple to move from one place to another so that users can easily change up their space.

Wrapped in Moooi patterns, it becomes a decorative focal point that the brand likens to a piece of high-end furniture.

Also installed within the space and customised by Moooi are LG OLED's portable XBOOM 360 speakers which offer full-circle sound.

LG screen in maximalist space
A Life Extraordinary is a series of one-of-a-kind LG OLED TVs and portable speakers installed across nine rooms

"We want visitors to feel that at-home entertainment products don’t have to be boring and generic," said Oh. "LG OLED screens have become more than digital canvases, they have evolved into objects of design through this synergy with Moooi. We're eager to gauge visitors’ reactions to our products to determine what the next opportunities will be."

In the future, LG believes that TVs will evolve into multifunctional centrepieces for entertainment, communication and home automation.

"The future is about creating new and highly personalised experiences for people," said Oh. "This will require a focus on a wide range of creative inspiration, innovative form factors and cutting-edge technologies yet to be experienced to fit each person's unique preferences and needs. As TV design continues to evolve, the future of its role is poised to be transformative."

A global home entertainment innovator, LG frequently collaborates with artists and museums worldwide to help facilitate the integration of technology and creativity.

A Life Extraordinary comes on the heels of successful LG exhibitions with artists such as Anish Kapoor and Barry X Ball (Frieze Seoul 2022), Kevin McCoy (Frieze NY 2022) and Damien Hirst (Frieze London 2021).

For more information visit the exhibition's website.

Milan design week 2023

LG OLED and Moooi's "A Life Extraordinary" takes place from 18 to 23 April at Salone dei Tessuti located at 29 Via S. Gregorio in Milan, as part of Milan design week.

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