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Four BetteBalance basins by Bette in four colours

BetteBalance washbasin by Tesseraux & Partner for Bette

Dezeen Showroom: bathroom brand Bette has released a slender washbasin designed by German studio Tesseraux & Partner that is made from glazed titanium steel instead of traditional ceramic.

The materiality of the BetteBalance basin gives it a distinctive streamlined silhouette, as well as providing a number of performance advantages, according to Bette.

Glossy white basin by Bette in a warm-toned bathroom
Tesseraux & Partner has designed the BetteBalance basin for Bette

"As a material for washbasins, glazed titanium steel offers significant advantages in terms of resilience and ease of cleaning," the brand explained. "It also allows the creation of extremely slender but durable products."

The basin features a gently rounded form, ergonomically optimised to minimise splashback, and is available in four different formats: as a countertop washbasin and bowl, or built into or under-mounted within a bathroom counter.

Black sunken basin in a white bathroom
The basin is available in a range of finishes and fittings

"This system of creating four variants from one bowl shape reduces manufacturing costs - and means the washbasins can be priced competitively compared to other materials," Bette said.

BetteBalance is available in a range of different glazed finishes including matt black, Evergreen Green and Blue Satin colourways.

Product: BetteBalance basin
Designer: Tesseraux & Partner
Brand: Bette
Contact: [email protected]

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