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Charcoal Desk by Charcoal

Dezeen Showroom: American electronics brand Charcoal has released a standing desk with a built-in light that recommends when users should take breaks to "maintain their 9am energy throughout the day".

According to Charcoal, the Charcoal Desk has a sleek design that improves the user's wellbeing to a similar effect as regular exercise or a healthy, balanced diet.

Woman working at an adjustable standing desk
The desk prompts users to take breaks

The desk features a small light in one corner that illuminates when a break is recommended.

"[The desk] calibrates breaks for crucial moments in the day when the brain is wired to refuel and clear metabolic waste," said Charcoal.

"Breaks taken during these healing windows essentially 'reset the brain', enabling users to maintain their 9 am energy throughout the day."

Detail of light in corner of desk
It has durable and elegant finishes

Available in two sizes, the Charcoal Desk has a minimalist design comprising a slimline tabletop supported by two upright columns with telescopic mechanisms, allowing the desk's height to be adjusted to seating or standing positions.

"The emphasis was on creating a better desk, not a smart desk," said Charcoal's chief design officer and co-founder Drishti Desai.

"To maintain an honest evolution, we balanced the design between creating a sense of comfort and reflecting the state-of-the-art technology."

Product: Charcoal Desk
Brand: Charcoal
Contact: [email protected]

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