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White and bronze-coloured lamp shades hanging in room

StarDust lamp shades by Marc de Groot

Dezeen Showroom: lighting and product designer Marc de Groot has released a series of metal light shades for his eponymous brand that are punctuated by circular and linear holes designed to appear like metal origami.

StarDust consists of a collection of lamp shades that have an overall spherical shape but are composed of hexagonal and pentagonal fragments of metal.

Spherical lamp shades in front of white wall
StarDust comes in a selection of metal finishes

The joins between the facets are wide enough to allow light to illuminate its characteristic cracks and holes, giving an appearance reminiscent of constellations in the night sky, hence the collection's name.

Shades are made to order and are hand-crafted in Amsterdam by local artisans with the aid of fibre lasers, which create accurate and delicate cuts through the metal.

Bronze-coloured lamp shade in window
The light casts dynamic speckles of light on walls and surfaces

"Designer Marc de Groot creates light poetry by translating structures, ratios and patterns derived from nature into poetic, spatial lighting designs," said the brand. "With Japanese precision [de Groot] designs lighting like it is metal origami, combining traditional handcraft with modern techniques."

StarDust comes in three size formats – 40, 60 and 90-centimetre diameters – and three colours, including black and white patinas.

Product: StarDust
Designer: Marc de Groot
Brand: Marc de Groot
Contact: [email protected]

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Detail of embossed company logo on lamp shade facet
Bronze-coloured lamp shade
White lamp shade with glowing light