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Artcore flooring by Modulyss

A variety of carpet tiles by Modulyss feature on Dezeen Showroom

Dezeen Showroom: Belgian flooring brand Modulyss has listed a selection of carpet tiles on Dezeen Showroom, including a collection informed by transitions between types of surfaces in the natural world.

Created by designer Joris Peutz in collaboration with Modulyss, Artcore flooring takes cues from the gradual fading of one type of landscape into another, such as the way that forests give way to fields and urban areas fade into the countryside.

Artcore flooring by Modulyss
Artcore tiles can be blended together

The collection includes four distinct patterns – Core, Mezzo, Litho and Etch – that each have a complex, geometric pattern informed by different topographical types.

Core contains all four patterns and therefore can be used as a transitory tile between other types. The tiles are made out of 100 per cent Econyl recycled yarn and come in a myriad of natural, earthy shades.

Millennium Nxtgen carpet tiles by Modylyss
Millennium Nxtgen tiles are available in multiple colourways to mix and match

Also made from recycled materials, the brand's Millennium Nxtgen carpet tile range is made out of regenerated nylon yarn.

The collection includes 36 colours and, like the rest of Modulyss' products, are suitable for installation across education, workplace and public interiors.

Heritage carpet tiles by Ruben De Reu for Modulyss
The tiles come in both bold and subtle patterns

Developed in collaboration with the brand's own product director Ruben De Reu, Heritage carpet tiles take cues from Flemish landscapes.

Patterns include Dune and Meadow, which reference coastal and rural regions, as well as Polder and Cobbles, which represent agricultural land and cobblestone streets respectively.

Beige carpet tiles in ancient-looking interior with arched window
Heritage tiles take cues from Flemish landscapes

Modulyss is Belgian company that designs, manufactures and internationally distributes high-end carpet tiles for commercial interiors.

The brand was founded in 2010 and is a sub-brand of flooring company Belysse.

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