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Noctiluca light by Ross Gardam

Noctiluca lighting by Ross Gardam

Dezeen Showroom: textured glass discs arranged in a circle define Noctiluca, a statement suspended light designed by Australian brand Ross Gardam.

Noctiluca is formed of "an endless undulating spiral" of 32 of Ross Gardam's own Ceto lights, which have textured surfaces intended to imitate the movement of water.

Noctiluca light by Ross Gardam
Noctiluca is a suspended light by Ross Gardam

"Summoning the presence of the otherworldly, drawn from the deep, Noctiluca's ethereal form transcends the every day," said the brand.

"Floating, suspended parallel to the wall, 32 Ceto lamps adore the band in a mesmerising motif. Intrinsically formed in each individual lamp is the current of the ocean, together they flow and revolve around the Noctiluca skeleton forming an endless undulating spiral."

Side view of light by Ross Gardam
It has 32 lights with textured surfaces

Each Noctiluca light is hand-assembled in Ross Gardam's Melbourne studio, with each Ceto light mouth blown in Australia. It is also available in white glass.

The base structure is crafted from machine-anodised aluminium and the fixture can be assembled to any required voltage.

Product: Noctiluca
Brand: Ross Gardam
Contact: [email protected]

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Noctiluca light by Ross Gardam
Noctiluca light by Ross Gardam
Noctiluca light by Ross Gardam
Noctiluca light by Ross Gardam
Noctiluca light by Ross Gardam