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Ocean Coil lighting by LightArt

Ocean Coil pendant lighting by LightArt

Dezeen Showroom: 3form brand LightArt has expanded on its Coil lighting collection with new pendants made of 3D-printed recycled ocean plastic.

The Ocean Coil lighting was created in collaboration with plastic-sourcing organisation Oceanworks, which provided ocean-bound and near-shore plastic for the product.

Ocean Coil lighting by LightArt
The Ocean Coil lighting is made from recycled ocean plastic

The 100 per cent recycled polypropylene plastic is turned into pellets that are fed into a 3D printer, which extrudes the material as a continuous, coiling line, giving the collection its name.

LightArt developed three new styles of pendant for Ocean Coil, all with profiles inspired by the shapes of kelp and sea foam, and in different sizes that suit being hung either individually or in clusters.

Ocean Coil lighting by LightArt
It is available in a green hue with tonal variation made from blending two colours of pellets

There are also three colour options: the green Seagrass, soft white Sea Foam, and new Marina, a blend of the other two colours with tonal variations that highlight the recycled origins of the product.

Ocean Coil comes with several industry certifications including Product Challenge, EPDs, Declare labels and GreenGuard Gold, and LightArt operates a take-back programme to recycle products that are no longer wanted.

Product: Ocean Coil
Brand: LightArt
Contact: [email protected]

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