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Tangram cupboards

Cesar's range of kitchen and dining furniture is designed for both "beauty and performance"

Promotion: grooved doors, gentle curves and luxurious material finishes characterise a series of kitchen and dining products by furniture brand Cesar.

One of Cesar's most popular products is Tangram, created by designer García Cumini, which is a series of five curved modules that can be reconfigured in formations to create unusually shaped kitchen islands and cupboards.

Upon request the doors of Tangram feature an intricately decorative detail – named Groove – made up of a sequence of vertical incisions that create a pattern designed to hide the joints between the modules.

Intricate grooved cupboards
Tangram's doors feature an intricately grooved decorative detail

The product comes in a number of finishes, including silk-effect lacquers and oak wood as well as two different handle options for the cupboards.

The modules also feature internal suspended organisational storage systems.

"Inspired by the ancient Chinese game of geometric shapes that can be combined with one another to create endless figures, Tangram echoes modular logic while avoiding linearity and introducing a new concept of sinuosity to kitchen design," said Cesar.

Maxima 2.2 tall kitchen units
Maxima 2.2 is a series of tall kitchen units

The brand's Maxima 2.2 tall units are a series of kitchen units designed by R&D Cesar with the same versatility as Tangram, according to Cesar.

Made of high gloss Acacia wood, these tall units feature a system with recessed doors and a rear panel. The furniture's top surface comes in Breccia Imperiale marble.

"The many combinations, varying both in their modularity and in the choice of their accessories and materials, make it possible to obtain a sophisticated aesthetic result and to bask in the pleasure of designer furnishings and incomparable quality," explained Cesar.

"Maxima 2.2 is, therefore, a fully integrated project, whose every detail has been carefully studied and which is characterised by the attention that Cesar gives to beauty combined with performance."

The Platform table in a living room
The Platform table features a design informed by landing areas atop skyscrapers

The brand also produces living room wall modules called Mobilis, which were designed by Cumini to complement dining spaces in a variety of compositions.

Available in finishes such as anodic metallic-effect lacquer and smooth timber, the modules were engineered so that they can disengage from their struts and bear a considerable amount of weight.

Cesar also released a Tangram cupboard designed for dining or living spaces

Another popular product for dining areas is Platform – a table with a design informed by the landing areas that top modern skyscrapers.

With a timber tabletop characterised by bevelled edges, the table features tapered legs that rest on metal feet.

Platform is also available as a breakfast bar that can be fixed to a kitchen worktop, while the product is available in both silk-effect lacquers or plain wood.

To view more of Cesar's products, visit its website.

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