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Photo of Kristina Dam exhibtion

Kristina Dam Studio presents "sculptural minimalism" during 3 Days of Design

Danish design firm Kristina Dam Studio held an exhibition during 3 Days of Design that saw the studio transform its products and objects into sculptural centrepieces.

Named The Vintage Bar, the exhibition was spread over the interior of a vintage store in central Copenhagen.

Photo of the Kristina Dam exhibition
The exhibition took place during 3 Days of Design

It was set across a series of different rooms in the store, each with its own different theme but holistically focussing on the idea of "sculptural minimalism".

Each of the installations was designed and created to be suited to the space they were placed in.

Interior photo of the Kristina Dam exhibition
It used the brands products, objects and prototypes

"With 'sculptural minimalism' as the overall theme, the exhibition is a series of rooms, each with a unique interpretation of the theme and atmosphere," said Kristina Dam Studio founder Kristina Dam.

"The sculptures and installations are each suited to the space while highlighting a particular design piece or artwork," she continued.

"Viewers will walk through the brand's sculpture process, from the initial prototypes to the finished products."

Photo of the exhibition
It focussed on "sculptural minimalism"

In one of the rooms, a series of Kristina Dam Studio objects and furniture were stacked and organised into a centrepiece-cum-sculpture.

Perforated furniture from the studio's Bauhaus series was stacked amongst arched side tables, pedestal pieces in black and white from the brand's Curved collections, as well as Cupola sculptures and Wooden Galaxy mini storage solutions.

Photo of the exhibition
Objects and furniture were placed on pedestals

"The focus on sculpture and pedestals throughout the space lends itself to an exploration of light and shadow, adding to the sensual experience," said the studio.

"The combination of setting and interior styling creates a unique mise-en-scene that highlights Kristina Dam Studio's design universe."

Besides sculptural minimalism, the main product focus of the exhibition was the launch of a new furniture collection named Outline.

Outline bar chairs, which have a paired-back design, were placed in a room around a makeshift bar constructed from stacks of concrete blocks and topped with a sheet of metal.

Photo of an interior
The studio presented new collections

A series of organic and abstract sculptures created in collaboration with Danish artist Kartine Blinkenberg were dotted throughout the interior.

The sculptures were originally made by hand using plaster, which was poured into giant balloons and shaped according to the pressure at which the plaster was exposed during the drying process.

Interior image of the Kristina Dam Studio exhibition
Each of the rooms had a different theme

These plaster forms were then translated and produced in sandstone in a limited edition run of 100.

According to the studio, it referenced the sculpting techniques of Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen who used plaster to create forms and would later recreate the forms in stone.

Photo of a room with tables and chairs
The studio collaborated with artist Kartine Blinkenberg

During 3 Days of Design, the exhibition space was transformed into a live drawing class whereby visitors could sit, pull shapes from the sculptural centrepieces and draw using chalk on materials Kristina Dam Studio uses to produce some of its furniture pieces.

Also taking place at this year's 3 Days of Design, Christian + Jade created an exhibition in collaboration with wood flooring company Dinesen that explores the weight of wood. Danish exhibition concept Yoonede also hosted a group exhibition of work from 20 artists, designers and brands.

The photography is courtesy of Kristina Dam Studio.

Weight of Wood was on show as part of 3 Days of Design 2023, from 7 June to 9 June 2023. See Dezeen Events Guide for information about the event, plus a list of other architecture and design events taking place around the world.