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AGS Home leather homeware by Ancient Greek Sandals

Dezeen Showroom: Greek sandal brand Ancient Greek Sandals has launched a leather homewares collection that includes a series of leather baskets and glass vessels.

The collection, which is titled AGS Home, includes The Large Demijohn, Medium Demijohn and Woven Big Basket.

AGS Home by Ancient Greek Sandals
The collection contains a leather basket

The Large Demijohn is a large ten-litre vessel that's shape is informed by olive oil and wine bottles.

The vessel is encased in a vachetta leather basket, that references the woven baskets that would protect traditional Greek glass bottles and their contents from sunlight.

Photo of AGS Home
The items can be used to hold water and wine

Medium Demijohn is a five-litre bottle that can be used to hold wine or water, it is also encased in a leather surround and has a leather drawstring, which can be removed for cleaning.

The final piece in the collection is Woven Big Basket, which was informed by wicker baskets typically found at Greek farmhouses.

Photo of AGS Home
Glass vessels are encased in leather

Although traditionally the wicker baskets would be used to carry eggs, vegetables and produce, Ancient Greek Sandals designed the basket to hold flowers, books, magazines or blankets.

Product: AGS Home
Designer: Apostolos Porsanidis Kavvadias
Brand: Ancient Greek Sandals
Contact: [email protected]

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AGS Home by Ancient Greek Sandals
AGS Home by Ancient Greek Sandals
AGS Home by Ancient Greek Sandals
AGS Home by Ancient Greek Sandals