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Lucerne School of Art and Design presents 10 student textile projects

Dezeen School Shows: a project that explores the relationship between textiles, sound and the human body is included in Dezeen's latest school show by Lucerne University of Art and Design.

Also featured is a cabinet of curiosities made from textiles and a project that explores the use of Swiss felt.

Lucerne University of Art and Design

Institution: Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts
School: Lucerne University of Art and Design
Course: BA Textile Design
Tutors: Marion Becella, Franziska Born, Andreas Saxer, Lilia Glanzmann, Doris Kurzmeyer, Christa Michel, Daniela Zimmermann, Jonas Leysieffer, Mònica Gaspar, Jasmin Schneider, Isa Glink and Laura Schwyter

"Our world is changing and textile designers are ideally equipped to face the challenges. With colour, pattern, functionality and sensuality as our guide, we constantly reinvent the realm of fibres, fabrics and surfaces.

"By merging materials and disciplines, we leverage our hybrid expertise to create forward-thinking ideas and aesthetic objects for various fields. Fashion, architecture, theatre, product design, fine arts, interior architecture, and research all benefit from our craftsmanship.

"We actively apply traditional skills in harmony with the digital realm, reshaping reality and making a tangible impact as grassroots experts in a transforming world."

Singers dressed up in textiles and garments

Dorfmatratze and Friends by Lynn Balli

"I'm angry. Our society is teeming with self-posturing, abrasive popular heroes, heteronormative stereotypes and macho arseholes.

"One way to rebel against them is to use satire. Taking the piss out of this patriarchal bullshit, visual amusements are dished out and feminist utopias are spun.

"The costumes created are choreographed in three different contexts: on a concert stage, at a feminist strike and on the village square in Stans."

Student: Lynn Balli
Franziska Born and Jonas Leysieffer

Jacket made from blue textiles

Print à Porter by Giulio Gallana

"My bachelor's project involves researching ways to confront and solve the problem of used clothing.

"The research focuses on efficiently recovering the textile substrates from used clothes and enhancing their value through industrially scalable finishing techniques.

"The result is a design strategy that allows all-over-prints to be incorporated into the remanufacturing process.

"The screen-printing process combines the underlying patchwork textile to form a new whole, which is then showcased using the example of a pullover."

Student: Giulio Gallana
Tutors: Franziska Born and Jonas Leysieffer
Email: giulio.gallana[at]

Collection of different items made out of textiles

Kuriosum by Caroline Gruber

"Explore the colourful diversity of the curious creations and immerse yourself in the world of stitches. What unfolds is a cabinet of curiosities, full of floating creatures, whimsical plants and soft formations, all waiting to be discovered.

"The collection of knitted objects reveals an experimental confrontation with material and form.

"The cabinet of curiosities invites the viewer to find new things, to take a different point of view and to let their fantasy run riot."

Student: Caroline Gruber
Tutors: Christa Michel and Jonas Leysieffer
Email: caroline.gruber[at]

Green label next to garment

Tag It by Lara Grünenfelder

"Labels usually provide little information about how items of clothing are manufactured and how they can be preserved within the textile cycle.

"In fact this information plays a decisive role in purchasing habits, nudging the consumer to spend more conscientiously.

"The production of the blazer involved recording the labour required, the use of resources and other information about the material, which was then printed directly onto the clothing.

"The blazer is intended to act as an intercommunicative object, displaying the value, outlay and handwork that lie behind the item."

Student: Lara Grünenfelder
Tutors: Marion Becella and Jonas Leysieffer

Person wearing textile jacket next to close up image of the fabric

Supersonic Textures by Sonja Locher

"This project aims to find the crossovers between textile, sound and the body. Visual, tactile and acoustic stimuli invite the viewer to come closer and to immerse themselves.

"The elaborately crafted item of clothing is adorned with materials like plastic and strips of cloth, creating a mishmash of textile textures and sounds.

"The interaction with the space permits an intimate moment of curious exploration, in the sense that the acoustic level only unfolds to the interactor through tactile investigation and using their body."

Student: Sonja Locher
Franziska Born and Jonas Leysieffer

Art made from textiles and close up image of fabric

Play and Grow Up by Stephanie Meier

"Children play. They explore their surroundings with all of their senses, developing their abilities in the process. This bachelor's project focuses on tactile and visual experiences.

"The project consists of individual objects made of cast-off textile material, which can be combined in any way imaginable.

"Along with different sensations of form, colour and material, the child also comes into contact with textile handwork.

"Moving, sorting and variably arranging the play elements creates individual worlds that awaken, excite and encourage fantasy and creativity."

Student: Stephanie Meier
Marion Becella, Jonas Leysieffer

Colourful cushions beside the designer's creative tools

ErzählSTOFF by Jana-Sophia Rehmann

"The ErzählSTOFF living-room cushion collection is a homage to Switzerland. Using selected themes from tradition, nature, mobility, science and innovation, it captures the spirit of the times and shows the diversity of the country in a narrative way.

"The digitally printed textile pictures can be mutually combined. Rearranging the cushions creates different stories and surprising perspectives.

"In the process, they playfully make the rich facets of Switzerland into a tangible and pleasurable experience."

Student: Jana-Sophia Rehmann
Daniela Zimmermann and Jonas Leysieffer

Sunny Side Up by Laura Schor

"Using the sun's rays as a source of energy is becoming ever more relevant. Photovoltaic modules have the potential to be applied as design surfaces and to be made eye-catching by sampling them.

"In the form of a collection of samples, my project proposes the use of coloured photovoltaic cells on roofs. The wide range of designs plays with visual illusion and – depending on the context – can produce a look of assimilation or irritation.

"This sunny work is part of a project by the Products and Textiles Research Group – HSLU Design and Art."

Student: Laura Schor
Tutors: Daniela Zimmermann and Jonas Leysieffer
Email: laura.schor[at]

Feltastic by Jodie Schulthess

"For my bachelor's project, I have chosen to explore the potential of Swiss felt. Felt is considered to be the oldest textile known to humankind, but today enjoys too little prestige.

"My goal is to shape the material extravagantly and in a modern way by designing a collection of textiles that can be used both in interior design and in fashion.

"By concentrating on a single material and by creatively sounding out its boundaries, I have been able to crucially expand my knowledge. This humorous and immersive installation is there to highlight the power of this local material."

Student: Jodie Schulthess
Daniela Zimmermann and Jonas Leysieffer

Textiles that use straw

Paysage Paille by Estelle Ruedin

"The work addresses the use of straw in the design of textiles. It explores the extent to which straw can be used to form a textile surface, create volume and simultaneously produce interesting patterning.

"The process involved applying rye straw systematically to natural and synthetic textile surfaces of varying weights in order to determine its scope and limits.

"The physical malleability of straw allows wide experimentation and resulted in the current collection, intended as an inspiration for spatial use."

Student: Estelle Ruedin
Marion Becella and Jonas Leysieffer

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