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Riciclantica Outline kitchen by Valcucine

Riciclantica Outline kitchen by Valcucine

Dezeen Showroom: a metal edge detail and ultra-thin doors characterise Italian brand Valcucine's Riciclantica Outline kitchen, a modular system designed to have a clean, minimal look.

Designed by the brand's co-founder and designer Gabriele Centazzo, the Riciclantica Outline kitchen consists of a series of base modules that display what Valcucine describes as the "the beauty of a protected edge".

Riciclantica Outline kitchen by Valcucine
The Riciclantica Outline kitchen has a clean and minimal appearance

Slim aluminium borders run around the rim of the surfaces, enhancing the geometry of the pieces while protecting the edges of the panels, which are two millimetres thick.

According to Valcucine, it makes for "the lightest door in the world", with grip recesses on the drawers.

Riciclantica Outline kitchen by Valcucine
The kitchen units feature metal edging

The Riciclantica Outline base units are designed with flexibility in mind so they can be configured to fit any space and customised with features such as light-up back panels.

They are also compatible with Valcucine's Special Elements collection, which includes wall-hung cabinets or shelves, and a pendant unit that is designed to hang from the ceiling above an island.

The photography is by Michele Salucci.

Product: Riciclantica Outline
Designer: Gabriele Centazzo
Brand: Valcucine
Contact: [email protected]

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