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Top houses June 2023

Dezeen's top five houses of June 2023

Homes in Oaxaca, Chennai, London and Venice Beach feature in June's houses of the month.

Our latest roundup of the month's most popular houses includes a rural retreat overlooking the Pacific Ocean, a monolithic Mexican home and a dusty pink extension in London.

Read on to find out more about Dezeen readers' favourite houses from June:

Cometa House
Photo by Edmund Sumner

Cometa House, Mexico, by Mauricio Rocha and Gabriela Carrillo

A rural retreat overlooking the Pacific Ocean in the Mexican state of Oaxaca was the most popular house on Dezeen this month.

Located on the edge of a nature reserve in the coastal town of Mazunte, the home is spread across an open-sided, timber-framed structure with a thatched roof and two stone towers arranged around a pool and several terraces.

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Exterior of a white cube house by HW Studio Arquitectos with a man, horse and dog out front
Photo by by César Béjar

All-white house, Mexico, by HW Studio Arquitectos

Also in Mexico, HW Studio created a monolithic white house that has no external windows. Its facade is broken only by  a recessed doorway and garage.

Internally the austere home is arranged around three courtyards that let light into the living spaces and three bedrooms.

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Interior of Pigment House by Unknown Works
Photo by Lorenzo Zandri

Pigment House, UK, by Unknown Works

In London, Unknown Works added a dusty pink extension to a Victorian townhouse in Hampstead.

The extension stands alongside a multi-level garden that contains pink concrete retaining walls and steps to match the extension.

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Indian courtyard house by Rain Studio
Photo by Yash R Jain

Karai, India, by Rain Studio

Rain Studio combined raw and reclaimed materials to create a home in Chennai that it describes as "native yet contemporary".

Named Karai, the house was made from clay tiles, earthenware pots and compressed earth bricks and is surrounded by fields that lead directly onto a nearby beach.

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Oxford Triangle house
 Photo by Edmund Sumner

Oxford Triangle, USA, by Matthew Royce

Set on a triangular site on Oxford Avenue in Venice Beach, this industrial house was designed by architect Matthew Royce for his family.

The home, which incorporates subterranean pools, is constructed from board-formed concrete, glass and copper panels.

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