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Timeless tile collection by Casalgrande Padana

Dezeen Showroom: Italian brand Casalgrande Padana designed its Timeless porcelain stoneware tile collection to mimic the smooth appearance of concrete.

The Timeless collection is available in five colours – Charcoal, Thunder, Seal, Ice and Taupe – and is suitable for public and commercial spaces.

Created with a tactile evenness on their surface, the tiles were also designed to emulate the typical trowel effect of concrete.

"These tiles are made of innovative double-charge porcelain stoneware with atomised and micronised powders. This way, they mimic concrete's colour combinations, expanding their scope of application," said Casalgrande Padana.

Timeless tile collection
The Timeless collection was designed to mimic concrete

Timeless tiles are waterproof, fitted with an anti-slip finish and feature the brand's Bios Antibacterial technology, which eliminates 99 per cent of bacteria on the surface of a product, according to Casalgrande Padana.

The tiles were designed with a consistent surface and body structure, meaning that colour runs throughout each tile and the same surface would appear if you removed the superficial layer.

Casalgrande Padana also created Timeless to withstand footfall, significant static and dynamic loads as well as continuous vibrations.

Casalgrande Padana tiles
It is suitable for public and commercial spaces

"Timeless tiles are not affected by moisture, frost, fire, or abnormal temperature fluctuations," added the brand.

"As a result, they’re ideal for commercial, industrial, and public places, such as airports, shopping centres, workshops, hospitals, food preparation, chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories, schools, showrooms, stations, supermarkets, offices and more."

Product: Timeless
Brand: Casalgrande Padana
Contact: [email protected]

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