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Hexagonal devices to help house plants grow in the city

Ten industrial design student projects by Georgia Institute of Technology

Dezeen School Shows: sustainable packaging for flowers that can be folded into a vase is included in Dezeen's latest school show by students at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Also included is a collection of nostalgic objects that aim to draw attention away from technology and a lounge chair made from a singular plank of timber.

Georgia Institute of Technology

Institution: Georgia Institute of Technology
School: School of Industrial Design
Courses: BS Industrial Design: ID Studio II, Invention Studio, Product Development and Innovation Studio II and Master of Industrial Design: Graduate Studio B
Tutors: Dr Leila Aflatoony, Wendell Wilson, Stephen Chininis and Kevin Shankwiler

School statement:

"The Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design (BSID) and Master of Industrial Design (MID) programmes at Georgia Tech are structured to strengthen the designer's role in fostering human-technology interactions.

"The curriculum is rooted in integrating aesthetic, functional, economic, sustainable and social considerations, preparing the next generation of designers.

"Our approach to design is research-backed and provides experiential learning opportunities. With six research labs, workshops for fabrication and prototyping, design studios and interdisciplinary collaborations, students acquire skills with significant industry relevance.

"We emphasise on strengthening the designer's role in making technology more human-centric, focusing on interaction design, healthcare design, service design, product design and user-experience research.

"In our Master's programme, students explore these areas in-depth through a thesis-based degree, working with a diverse and internationally known faculty.

"At the School of Industrial Design, we prioritise the end-user and take a multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving. Our program distinguishes itself from others by viewing industrial design as a synergy of design, technology and business.

"The BSID and MID programs are recognised as STEM degrees – CIP code 11.0105: Human-Centered Technology Design – making our international students eligible for a two-year optional practical training (OPT) extension and STEM-specific scholarships.

"Additionally, both degrees are accredited by the National Association of Schools in Art and Design (NASAD).

"As a leading design program in the USA, the School of Industrial Design at Georgia Institute of Technology leverages the resources of a top-tier research university, providing access to distinguished faculty and cutting-edge technology.

"This fosters an environment ripe for discovery, innovation and intellectual exploration."

A wearable fitness device display

Fit U by Chuhan Qu and Yunqi Yan

"More and more people are incorporating fitness into their lifestyles. However, for many, it can be challenging to have a customised workout plan and stick to it due to numerous factors such as a lack of motivation and guidance.

"From research, it can be seen that there's a lack of a digitalisation methods that can set up users' workout plans and import them into wearable devices.

"Fit U mainly targets young adults to middle-aged people who want to incorporate regular workout sessions into their lives and live a healthier lifestyle."

Students: Chuhan Qu and Yunqi Yan
Course: Master of Industrial Design: Graduate Studio B
Tutor: Dr Leila Aflatoony
Email: yyan326[at]

A person standing beside an electric police bike

N-4 Police Bicycle by Margaret Lu, Elizaveta Egorova, Akin Tewe and Clarissa Yu

"The N-4 electric bike is a specially designed electric police bicycle to support the daily tasks of campus law enforcement officers.

"It addresses issues officers face with standard mountain bikes, such as agility and safety in urban environments.

"The design makes officers more visible and assertive while remaining cost-effective. It is lightweight yet robust with a swappable battery, integrated lights, ergonomic handlebars, built-in shoulder padding, non-slip grips and a front rack for gear.

"By combining functionality and comfort, the N-4 electric bike has the potential to redefine law enforcement bikes."

Students: Margaret Lu, Elizaveta Egorova, Akin Tewe and Clarissa Yu
Course: BS Industrial Design: Product Development and Innovation Studio II
Tutor: Kevin Shankwiler
Emails: margaretlu.2018[at], egorova[at], aakintewe3[at] and cyu376[at]

Display of a fruit wine fermenter shell next to the glass insert

Mented by William Downs

"Mented is a beginner-friendly fermenter for fruit wine making. Traditional at-home kits are complex, outdated and unknown to many potential users, often leading to errors such as overfilling, which can cause explosions.

"Mented resolves these issues by including a built-in sieve with a fill line indicating how much fruit and liquid to add.

"Its modern aesthetic is more inviting for new users and a sun cover allows for countertop storage, making the process of learning to make fruit wine more comfortable and less intimidating."

Student: William Downs
Course: BS Industrial Design: Invention Studio
Tutor: Stephen Chininis
Email: wdowns8[at]

Advertisement for an electronic cigarette and accompanying app

Imperium by Liyi Lin and Nina Nash

"Imperium is an electronic cigarette that records the user's smoking habits. This data can be viewed in a human-first interface application, allowing family and friends to connect and support the journey.

"Imperium collects the user's historical data and utilises habitual behaviour learning algorithms to assess and develop a personalised plan to control or quit nicotine intake.

"This data increases the success rate of the cessation process by providing a human-first plan to combat the addictive traits of electronic cigarettes, benefitting the health of the user."

Students: Liyi Lin and Nina Nash
Course: Master of Industrial Design: Graduate Studio B
Tutor: Wendell Wilson
Emails: LLyi981023[at] and nina.nash[at]

Display of vibrant statement products to minimise screen time

Artifakt by Elizaveta Egorova

"Artifakt is a collection of vibrant statement items that promote social interaction, enhance wellbeing and boost productivity by minimising screen time in the home.

"It draws on established rituals and alludes to objects from the past that evoke feelings of nostalgia and encourage user engagement."

Student: Elizaveta Egorova
Course: BS Industrial Design: Invention Studio
Tutor: Stephen Chininis
Email: egorova[at]

Display of sustainable flower packaging that converts into vases

Go Vase by Huaizhuo Yang and Jinzhi Ye

"Go Vase is a new sustainable approach to flower packaging that provides an improved flower life cycle, an eco-friendly product and a multifunctional ergonomic design.

"Floral waste can contain heavy metals and pesticides that cause substantial water and land pollution. Our packaging is made with floral waste, collected from flower shops and customers, and recycled paper.

"The simple, foldable structure of the packaging is designed to easily transform into a vase while also being convenient to carry. For a small product, Go Vase can positively impact the world."

Students: Huaizhuo Yang and Jinzhi Ye
Course: Master of Industrial Design: Graduate Studio B
Tutor: Wendell Wilson
Emails: hyang608[at] and eric_jinzhi[at]

Two different views of a blue hand-crafted lounge chair

Sapele Serenade Lounge Chair by Jared Teiger

"The Sapele Serenade is a meticulously hand-crafted lounge chair made from a single plank of sapele hardwood, renowned for its rich and dark finish.

"Created using tools such as table saws, mills and palm sanders, this chair is a unique and impressive addition to any indoor or outdoor space.

"It combines elegance and durability, showcasing the wood's finest qualities. The attention to detail in its crafting ensures precision, a polished finish and comfort, making the Sapele Serenade a delightful and functional standout piece of furniture."

Student: Jared Teiger
Course: BS Industrial Design: ID Studio II
Tutor: Stephen Chininis
Email: jteiger3[at]

Water collection, recycling and harvesting system advertisement poster

Walk for Water by Somesh Sunil Jaiswal and Nihar Devang Parekh

"Millions of women worldwide spend more than a quarter of their day transporting water to meet their families' basic needs.

"Several products have been developed to ease water transportation but these women still have to walk for miles every day.

"A careful analysis of regions affected by this reveal that an on-site system combining water collection, recycling and harvesting is needed.

"We developed a systematic design that incorporates material engineering to aid in collecting water on site as well as water treatment and groundwater recharge."

Students: Somesh Sunil Jaiswal and Nihar Devang Parekh
Course: Master of Industrial Design: Graduate Studio B
Tutor: Wendell Wilson
Email: niharpkh[at]

Green crochet lamp shade hanging beside plants

Luna Lamp by Nicolette Wendell

"The Luna Lamp was designed following post Covid-19 trends such as the rise of do-it-yourself home improvement activities and craftspeople utilising video-based social medias such as TikTok.

"Targeting the online community of craftspeople who seek easy and cost-effective projects, the design focuses on shareability on social media and accessibility concerning cost, time and labour.

"The final product is a high-fidelity model – a digital crochet pattern for online sharing and a series of TikTok videos illustrating a tutorial and outlining the added value."

Student: Nicolette Wendell
Course: BS Industrial Design: Invention Studio
Tutor: Stephen Chininis
Email: nwendell3[at]

Hexagonal devices to help house plants grow in the city

HerbaBlock by Jason Li and Robert McCoid

"HerbaBlock is a modular and hydroponic-friendly house plant care system that caters to urban dwellers. In urban areas, space and lighting can often be scarce, making it difficult to grow house plants.

"Our space-efficient design can be mounted on walls and incorporates water and lighting features to promote plant growth, making up for deficiencies in urban spaces.

"We want to make city gardening more feasible and encourage urban dwellers to own house plants as they have numerous health and psychological benefits. Our ultimate goal is to help people living in cities to reconnect with nature."

Students: Jason Li and Robert McCoid
Course: Master of Industrial Design: Graduate Studio B
Tutor: Wendell Wilson
Emails: jli803[at] and rmccoid6[at]

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