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Watch cars being elevated through an automated parking lot in Hangzhou

The vertical Future Car Park in China by Daniel Statham Studio is the focus of this video, which shows vehicles being lifted and stacked via a fully automated lift system.

Named Future Car Park, the sculptural building in Hangzhou's central business district is designed to store 500 vehicles within a series of tree-like towers that make up its organic form.

Daniel Statham Future Car Park
Daniel Statham Studio has created a fully automated car park in China

It utilises an advanced automated system, which Daniel Statham Studio designed to cover the entire parking process – all the way from drop off to pick up.

Cars enter the building in the basement, where they are separated from their drivers. From here, cars are taken to parking spaces selected by the automated system, which continuously adjusts these arrangements over the day depending on the owners' estimated pick-up times.

Three of the curving towers are solely dedicated to stacking cars, and one can be seen in the film as several cars are elevated and lowered through its core.

Future Car Park is complete with towers for fire escapes and elevators for drivers, along with an exterior of metal louvres that offer glimpses inside while helping to expel car fumes.

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The video is by Rawvision Studio.