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Casa Kuvo by Stanaćev Granados

Stanaćev Granados clads cube-shaped Chilean house in white wood

Local architecture studio Stanaćev Granados has created an oceanside holiday house shaped like a cube and clad in wood on the coast of Chile.

Located in the village of Matanzas, Casa Kuvo was designed using simple, geometric forms and has a largely white palette to complement its coastal site.

A white cube-shaped house with a garden
Stanaćev Granados studio has created a cube-shaped holiday home in Chile

At 70 square metres, the two-bedroom, two-bathroom house spans two levels. At six metres in height, width and depth, it was designed to be perfectly cubic.

Its cubic form was a result of "extreme rationalization" by Stanaćev Granados in order to maximise floor space.

A cube shaped house with square windows
The house is located on a coastal site

The south- and west-facing facades of the building, which face powerful winds and nearby neighbours, are more closed-off with smaller and fewer windows for privacy.

The north- and east-facing facades feature large, square windows and a sliding glass door that open to the ocean and a vegetated ravine behind the site.

Casa Kuvo in Chile
Small windows facing the neighbours provide privacy for inhabitants

An elongated concrete wall stretches out from the back of the house and ends in a bench to create a pseudo-patio.

Three exterior storage closets were placed next to the front door and blend seamlessly with the facade.

A house shaped like a white cube
White cladding reflects the sun and disappears on foggy days

It is clad in a monochrome white vertical pine wood siding, which the studio said gives the house an overall appearance that is "rather abstract and barren".

The white colour was chosen to reflect the bright sun and allow the structure to disappear into the mist on overcast, foggy days.

A woman walking up a staircase in white room
The staircase opens up as it ascends

On the interior, utilities, storage, and the staircase were placed along the perimeter "like a clock" to open up the central space on each floor.

At ground level, the house contains a small kitchen, bathroom, and a living area with a wood stove.

An atrium was tucked into one corner that spans both levels of the house and is topped with a skylight.

On the ground-level ceiling, the opening was covered with netting for safety and visual connectivity.

A simple white kitchen with stainless steel appliances
The small program spans two levels

Two bedrooms and an additional bathroom were placed on the second floor, each equipped with square windows of varying dimensions and heights.

At ground level, the studio designed the staircase to be confined, accessed by a narrow opening in the living room wall.

As it ascends, the stair opens up, with windows placed alongside it and a generous landing and skylight placed above. An additional skylight was placed in the upstairs bathroom.

A bedroom with a stove pipe running through it
Wood was used for the interior walls and upstairs flooring

Concrete floors were used for the ground level, while the upper level was made using light wood flooring. Planed wood panelling treated with a white stain was used for the interior of the house.

The ceilings feature exposed beams, which provide additional height throughout the relatively small structure.

Elsewhere in Mantanzas, ERRE Arquitectos recently completed a stilted beach house and Croxatto and Opazo Architects designed two wooden cabins perched on a cliff

The photography is by Manu Granados

More images and plans

A plan of Casa Kuvo by Stanaćev Granados
Ground level plan
A plan of Casa Kuvo by Stanaćev Granados
Second level plan
A section of Casa Kuvo by Stanaćev Granados
A plan of Casa Kuvo by Stanaćev Granados
A plan of Casa Kuvo by Stanaćev Granados
Site plan
An opening in the ceiling that looks up at a staircase
A small window in a wall clad with wooden panels
A bedroom with a bunk bed and large window
An opening covered with a net
A woodstove in the corner of a living room with concrete floors
A woman descending a staircase
A woman descending a staircase